Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Don't Care

In my continuing effort to show my irreverent stamps some love, I made this last night:

I love making pretty, foofy cards that catch people's attention, then they grab them, read them, and most of the time they say, "Oh." and put them back. But I got their attention! This past weekend, two ladies stood at my table for 20 minutes, just reading cards and laughing out loud. They actually ended up purchasing quite a few, so that was an added bonus. ;)

The best part of this card is it is all from the Scrap Heaplet except for the base. The blue and yellow layers are PTI, and the DSP is left over from some Tea Bag Holders I made for my Nov & Dec holiday shows. Yeah, that Heaplet and I go waaaay back.

I usually pair that sentiment with a cat image, but I really wanted to use up that pretty paper, so I did! NEXT time I'll use one of my bazillion cat images. One with attitude, of course!

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  1. funny, glad your getting attention and sales :)

  2. love it. my best friend and I used to do girls-night-out at the card store reading cards and laughing until we cried!

  3. HA! I've got a list of people i could send that to!

    wv - enrucla

    linguini is so much better with dried tomatoes and fresh enrucla

  4. ♥♥♥! and also, "HA!" :)

    (indeed it was the fact that you've used very *PRETTY* and elegant paper...and those beautifully coordinated mats...that made me ♥LOVE♥ this rather than just love this!!! you rock the witty juxtaposition of funny & fab, missus!)

  5. Lovely paper and funny sentiment. I like your cat idea...totally Leslie :)


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