Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twitter... It's Not Free.

They say Twitter is free, but They lie. Twitter sucks you in and you start hanging out with fellow stampin' peeps and the next thing you know - BAM! One of your peeps posts a card that is TO DIE FOR, and suddenly you need that stamp!

Then (oh yes, there's more!), a few months later, you mention you plan to go troll the Interwebz for more irreverent sentiments when another one of your peeps says WAIT A SEC, I'VE GOT A LINK FOR YOU, and then THAT wakes up the Want Monster who had been peacefully sleeping, just waiting patiently for the new SU catalog to come out.

HAHAHAHAHA! $8375 later, your contraband stamps arrive at your door. Okay, maybe they didn't cost that much, but I'm just sayin' ...

So first, I blame Tweep #1, Libby, for posting this card, which made me NEED that Chemistry set. Uh-huh. Seriously. I just filed it away for later, for when I could, you know, justify the shipping. Then Tweep #2, Lydia, told me to WAIT A SEC and sent me a link TO THE SAME COMPANY'S SITE (ie: There She Goes) with a totally funny set that had "me" written all over it. So now I could justify the shipping ... you see how this works, am I right? All you stampin' peeps know of which I speak. The rest of you? Just watch your step when Mr Brown pulls up.

So last night I inked up enough images to make 12 cards, then I began the paper selection and coloring process. Tonight I made this:

heh heh How much fun is that?! I used some new BG papers AND, on this one, at least, I broke out my new-to-me SU Sizzix button die and cut some buttons out of felt. I had to, since I'd attached the sentiment to the red layer too far off center and had to fill in that space on the right.

Why felt? Several of my Farmers Market customers have expressed concern over the bulk of the buttons, not that they'd mind paying the extra postage, but that the button would break in transit. So I thought this time I'd try a felt button to see how I liked it. The jury is still out.

This is what it looks like better-centered & without the button:

This next card uses one of the other sets I got:

Think "ruby slippers" and you'll do fine. These shoes screamed for red glitter, so what was I to do? See:

... and here's a close-up of the sentiment so you don't have to squint:

I decided I needed the red glitter shoes to be the star, so I wanted a plain B&W paper for the background. I did add some red ribbon (from my box of Every Color Red Ribbon But The One I Need) and I think it's actually a pretty good match!

I made 3 of each of those cards, and I just need to bag & tag them.

In other news, I had appointment #2 today with the Heat Pump guys. See this part:

(red circle compliments of moi) Yeah, that pesky part cost me a bazillion dollars. It's what regulates the pressure between inside and outside and make the cooling process efficient. It's what's had me set my thermostat to TOO HOT for a few weeks so I didn't blow out my compressor and have NO air conditioning until the guys could get back here and replace the part. It's what has me now sitting in an icy-cold condo. It's what now necessitates that I sell (necessitates me to sell?) TWO SQUILLION cards this month to pay for it. Please send all your friends to the Kentlands in Gaithersburg on Saturday and tell them to BUY ALL MY CARDS! Thank you.

Also, speaking of outgoing funds, I placed my SU pre-order from the new catalog and all my goodies will arrive TOMORROW!!!!! YES, I AM YELLING. Once I have the goods in my paws I will start doing Sneak Peeks. I love this time of year.

SO, if you'll pardon me, I need to go play with the rest of those images I stamped last night and clear off some space so I can play with my new SU stuff tomorrow. I might need to put on long jammies, too. It's a bit chilly in here.

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: This just in ... Capt. Piccard has been promoted to Knight! Nice pic, too.


  1. I love these both soooo much! Love that Chemistry sentiment! ACK! Love that B/W Houndstooth paper! OH MY!! And your shading around the ruby slippers is stunning!

    I think I need to step away from my computer for awhile. This is getting dangerous. :)

  2. no, twitter is NOT free (as evidenced by the baby pattern I bought yesterday, etc). But it's fun - isn't everything evil fun?

    Love the ruby slippers card. If you list it in your etsy store, I will pick it up for my sister. She's a bit of a Wizard of Oz freak. Consider it my donation to the heat pump fund.

    Lastly - I'm jealous of the UPS expedited shipping option for US demos. My stuff takes two weeks to get here, and i'm not that much farther from Utah than you are :( boo.

  3. Um, sorry? hee hee hee LOVE what you've done with the stamps and so glad I was partially responsible for making it happen. :-)

  4. ♥♥♥AWESOME♥♥♥ cards!!! i love both stamps AND both sentiments annnnnnnnnnnnnnd they way you've accessorized them and feel confident in assuming they DID in fact ALL SELL...and generate pre-orders that will pay for said hellacious widget to appease the gods of AC!!! :)

    (ps to market customers: unless they are SUPER-fragile vintage buttons...or placed RIGHT ON the very lower edge of the envelope (the bit that rolls thru the PO machine) they are not going to break in the mail. trust me. i mail almost all of my cards, i seldom pad them with more than index stock, if that, the only precaution i take is to wrap a strip of packing tape once around anything bulky so it won't rip the envelope. i seriously doubt if these cards would even *BE* overweight for that matter with 1 regular button on.) (not that i think they will listen, i'm just sayin'...) :)

    ps WV=lankies..."the day was so warm & persperational, by the end of it, our hankies were lankies!"

  5. Oh, Leslie, these are both fantastic! I just had those BG papers out yesterday...two of the few NOT cut at all from the BG Lemonade papers that are all demolished from much use.

    I am so very guilty of getting caught up in the "I gotta have it too if ___ has it" and "I get free shipping if I spend $x more" *sigh*


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