Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spot The Mistake!!! - The Reveal

It's (past) time for the big reveal for the last Spot The Mistake contest! Before I select a winner, let's review the suggestions and my response to each:

1. stoopid = stupid. Not a mistake ... that was on purpose.

2. red rock dirt vs read rock dirt. YES, this is the one I had in mind - "read" is not a color. Sigh.

3. skillz vs skills. Not a mistake ... that was on purpose.

4. the order you listed the berries. Well, no, not really, but it could have been. Maybe. Or not.

5. Basic Grey vs Basic Gray. Nope, though this CAN be very confusing. The American spelling of that color is "grey" where the British spelling is "gray". However, the paper company's name is "Basic Grey" while the Stampin' Up! color is "Basic Gray". So I was right. And if I wasn't, I'm sure you will let me know.

6. Captain's Table vs Captains' Table. Nope, I only have one, so the apostrophe goes before the s.

7. gods should have a capital G. Nope. Only people who believe in a singular higher being spell it with a capital 'G', so the lower-case 'g' was correct.

All great guesses! You guys tried really, really hard!

Time to reveal the lucky winner, who was chosen by an unscientific, totally unfair process. (It's my blog and I make the rules.) And the winner is ... drum-roll please ... ... ...

Jenny S. (UK) YAYAYAYAYAYA! The crowd goes wild! Whoo-hoo!!!

Jenny - please email me (see link in my left side bar) and we'll work out the details.

Thanks for playing, everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with a Market Update, and maybe even a card! (gasp!)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOL! I was wondering as I read that, but thought maybe it was a different kind of dirt XD haha

  2. Thank the gods for your skillz that you share from your Captain's Table.
    Thanks also for the Grey vs. Gray debate and reminding me that I too own all of the 6x6 and a Red Rock Dirt shirt from Moab. ( although you can purchase them locally now)
    I hope you do not find my comment tp be too stoopid. It is late and I must be deleeerious from exhaution.


  3. Oh! my!!!!! I can't believe it, how wonderful. This was so much fun, apart from finding out that my English is not so! and I passed my grammar with credit, but it was a looooong time ago.
    I too am a Basic Grey paperaholic, it has to be done.
    Looking forward to drooling over your market yummies.
    email sent, thank you. xxxx

  4. Congrats Jenny! I hope you enjoy your goodies! And I hope to have another spot the mistake!



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