Saturday, June 5, 2010

Market Update (long) and a Card

Today was HOT HOT HOT! Who ordered August weather in early June?! I need to talk with them!!!!!! I had to freeze partially-filled bottles of water last night so I could have something cold today to keep me from expiring from heat prostration. OMG.

Apparently the veggies and fruits are as confused about the weather as we are, since Farmer Mike said some of his offerings aren't supposed to be here yet, but they have a mind of their own. Ready for the produce parade? Let's go!

Green beans:
I grabbed some of these today.


LOVE this stuff! And people who don't know what it is just ask, and then they try it, and then next week they get some more! I love adventurous people!


This was the overflow bucket under the table. All the basil on top of the table AND this were sold. I set up on the other side of this table, so every time someone picked up a bunch, I got a whiff of it. So good!

Mater plants with teeny tiny maters:

Most of these went home with customers.


Surprise guest - Blackberries:
These are way ahead of their usual season. The heat must have confused them.


My box of the raspberries and the blackberries managed to dump over inside my market bag, so I have mush. I think I see a frozen fruity beverage in my future! :)


And remember that kids' game: Which one of these is not like the other one? Well:

See that light squash? It's a Mexican squash. Farmer Mike will grow just about anything. Keeps us on our toes.

Enough with the veggies. I wanted to show you a common occurrence at the market, specifically at the bakery booth:

A parent with one or more kids in tow, with kids nose-high to the cookies and donuts. Kids are generally very good when there is a cookie waiting for them when the 'rents are done shopping. ;)

The Rock Lady had a few new offerings. Here's Nemo:

... and two monkeys:

They are presented sitting on padded chairs. So cute!

The cut flower people told me my vase was too tall for today's bouquets, so they suggested Mint:

This smelled good ALL day!

Before I get to the doggie portion of today's show, look who stopped by for the first time this season:

Tweety!!!!! We hear him before we see him. He is the loudest bird ever! TWEET! TWEET! Once he arrived and my table was identified, he put the bird down:

From there, I got to pick him up:

One of the neighborhood kids hangs out at the market all day, and she ran over to see the bird. After we managed to dispel her initial fears, she picked up the bird, too:

So fun! After this, she went back to helping the bakery people. She was working for churros. Win-win! ;)

Okay, NOW for some dogs. Again, I was in stealth mode for part of the time, but you'll at least get an idea of the pooches that visited us today. First up - you guessed it:

Then this guy appeared:

He was not very cooperative, and this was the best I could do, even with the owner helping. The dog did NOT want to stand still! Love his coloring!

Good dog:

The Bouvier from afar (zoomed in):

Here he looks like a horse. We'll see him again here in a sec.

Another handsome fellow:

And this is the best I could get of this guy:

Ah, here's the Bouvier again with two Shepherds:

... and by his lonesome (Yes, it was HOT today.):

He was sitting like a puppy!

Another handsome fellow:

And a 3-dog shot:

Why, oh why, is EVERYONE in line at the bakery?!??!?! :P

Just to show you ALL of the dogs were not nose-high to the tables:

... and that one on the right looks like a puppy, non? Either that or an old man:

Then this guy showed up for a sip of cold water:

... and he would NOT stand still. What is it with dogs and not standing still? I think it's all the people and the other dogs, and they are in sensory overload. Yeah, that must be it.

Towards the end of the day, this little guy showed up:

He's 8 weeks old, and all ears! TOO CUTE!

End of doggie parade. I did want to show you that when I say it's hot, I mean it. Look at this:

This is the hook for one of my card racks. That red fuzzy stuff? That's where it stuck to my red Olympics mittens that are, um, still in my car. It melted to it! I had to peel it off yesterday afternoon to set up at my Friday market. HOT, I tell you - HOT!

Okay, lastly I bring you - gasp - a card! I made this today after I woke up from my after-market, after-shower, OMG-I'm-tired nap, and my body temperature had returned to the normal range:

This is one of the two remaining cards I had staged from that initial stamping effort last week. Anyway, that sentiment says: "Ring bell for service. If no one answers, do it yourself. " HAHAHAHAHA! How many Moms out there have said this? "Do I look like your maid?" "Are your arms broken?"

It is also a SYFY entry ... what number am I up to now? 47.5? I'm not sure you can tell, but I popped that bell image up on Dimensionals so I could run ribbon under it. However, my OCD kicked in and I put Dimensionals on symmetrically (I was so proud, if only for a moment) right in the middle so no ribbon will feed through. DOH! I saved myself by utilizing the nice grid of the background paper and added brads (symmetrically, of course) instead. Sigh ...

In other news, I got a fat package of foam-mounted stamps in yesterday's mail, and I inked them all to create an index so I know what I've got. They are mostly irreverent sentiments (from River City Rubber Works) and ideas are churning in the back of my brain - the part that didn't fry today ... plotting for the next wave of cards to be made.

For now, though, I need sleep. I hope to get stampy again tomorrow so I'll have something else to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow! the biggest...and wrap-up ever! i can practically smell the basil! (but i can also feel the shirt sticking to my back so my envy is thusly appeased!) :)

    love that sentiment...i bet those cards will sell like hotcakes to...yeah you got it in one--MOMS!!! ♥♥♥

    ps: should you ever require my assistance in a substantial way you might like to know that i, too, would work for churros! ;)

  2. ps: forgot to say THANK YOU for the head's up on 2S4Y...i don't think it would even have occurred to me to look until tomorrow when the new sketch is up! ♥


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