Sunday, June 13, 2010

Market Update (long, again)

I had two of my three Stamp Camps today, and because I am old and tired, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday's market update until now. Plus, because I am ... old and tired, I didn't feel like re-ordering these pictures into logical groups like Vegetables, Crafts and Dogs. So instead, you'll get a really good sense (I hope) of my totally random and disorganized days spent at the farmers market, but rarely in my chair. Yeah, I get up a lot and roam around. I've told you I don't sit still well, haven't I?

Let's get started!

Early on, this pup stopped by with his owner, and laid down to wait for said owner to stop chatting:

Yeah, yeah, let's get a move on, mkay?

Tick, tock ...

He was actually very good the whole time, just laying there like a beached whale.

Time for some veggies before things get too busy. Maters:

Peppers and more baby eggplant:

Pickling cukes! YAY! -->

Some of these came home with me.



I got one of these, too.

Helloooooo, I'm still here .....


These are sweet cherries. We should get sour cherries in a week or so. Yum!


Yellow squash:

In real life, these were almost orange! I am so sorry you are stuck with moi as your photographer.

Speaking of which, I bring you an out-of-focus shot of some wild black raspberries:

And no, black raspberries are not the same as blackberries. I know. I've failed that test from Farmer Mike.

Blue Hydrangea at the floral tent:

I would guestimate every other person yesterday took a bunch of these home. I saw them everywhere!

More fleurs:

... and more fleurs:

I happened by one of the jeweler's tables and spotted this turquoise + red necklace and decided I needed to take its photo. I see a future color combo here:

I am responsible for placing it on top of those lovely freshwater pearl necklaces to take its pic. (I put it back whn I was done.) I am also pretty much in love with those freshwater pearl necklaces, but they don't go with polo shirts. Plus, I don't wear much jewelry, so I just admire them from afar.

This guy was really cute:

... and this one:

... this guy came back to see us:

Oh, here is MY kohlrabi:

It's half-gone already. I peeled it, sliced it thin and ate half of it last night.

Oooh, my favorite doggie:

This next guy is a German Short-haired Pointer, or GSP for short:

I know these things because one of the other crafters was standing right next to me, and he has two of them. In German, kurzhaar = short hair. This is also (probably) the source of our word 'curt' ... being short with someone or giving a short, pointed answer. Get it: short-haired pointer? (I just made that up, but it flowed so nicely.)

Anyway, he said they come in three colors: solid brown, white with brown splotches (like this guy's big brown spots), or speckled (like the rest of this guy). I guess this dog is a blend of two of those. He was pretty neat-looking, anyway. (The dog, of course.)

See what you can learn at a farmers market?

Then Tweety came by to visit us again:

One of these days I'm going to get a pic of him in the sunlight so you can see his bright blue feathers.

This next dog was being so good, and then his owner tried to get him to stay still for me. Here is attempt #1:

Wha? You talkin' to me?

Then he got the dog to sit:

Guess what Dad has in his pockets!? See Dad, I'm sitting! I'm being good. Now where's my treat?!

See Dad, I'm so good, I'm now laying down for you:

Now where's my treat??!!? HAHAHA!

Next up I bring you my first attempt at a new-to-me skill within GIMP, the freeware I use to edit my pics. (Yes, they are edited...leave me alone.) I used the Free Select Tool that lets you draw around an image and cut it out of its background. This is a little girl's top from MaryBeth:

Unfortunately, I'll need more than 5 minutes of training to edit out her hand. Please be patient with me. But don't you love that little bird applique?!

Oh, and another doggie:

... and a PUPPY:

SO CUTE! He's 11 weeks old.

This next pic is the best I could do to capture what I thought looked very funny:

This guy was carrying a kohlrabi. It was so big, it looked like he was carrying a baby! Okay, maybe I was getting a little hot by this time of day, and maybe I was a bit more delusional than normal, but I swear it looked like he was carrying ... oh, never mind.

Another cutie:

Oh, and we have a new vendor ... a family from Ecuador who does beading. Check it out:

She had this one stashed and brought it out for me:

So pretty! I'm not sure where I'd wear it, but again, I like to admire the workmanship, at least.

Oh, look, another dog:

And these are my flowers this week:

So that's pretty much a typical day in my farmers market world...

But now it is past my bedtime, and I need to be vertical for the Day Job tomorrow, so I bid you good night. I'll be back tomorrow with some craftiness, as I've actually found the energy to stamp tonight!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I literally gasped out loud, sitting alone here at my computer - at that last necklace. Wow.

    I always worry that the work of these types of artists is greatly admired but infrequently purchased. Heck, I'd frame something like that necklace!

    Thanks for sharing your day, Leslie.


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