Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Once again, we have August weather in June. I'm not lovin' life when I go outside and my clothes stick to me. Hopefully it will be like recent years, and this sticky, hot yuck will dissipate and we'll have a chance of surviving July & August. Past years at the markets have been murderous in the late summer. Let us pray.

Normally I wouldn't venture out on a Sunday at all, but a friend of mine had her first Farmers market in a town North of here, so I went to check it out. It's nice! They have several farmers, crafters, live music ... and I think I spotted a BBQ sauce booth. I got there late today (I had someone over, checking out my Cuttlebug ... I think it's SOLD! Yay!), so I got out of here late, and they're only open until 1:00.

But check this out:

At first I thought it was a real power outlet in the ground. Seriously. I must have been delirious with the heat. Yeah, that's it. C'mon - a power outlet in the middle of a field?! No, it is NOT real, but it sure fooled me! Have I mentioned it was hot out today?

I'll get there earlier next time and do a better walk-about. ;-)

After I got home and cooled off, I finished the last of my staged projects from this past week:

And for the visually-impaired among you, such as myself (I find I'm squinting even WITH my reading glasses today), here is that sentiment up close and personal:

Heh heh ... The bonus points to moi for this card are (1) I used new stuff before I put it away, and (2) I opened a pack of 7 Gypsies patterned paper I got 3-trips-to-Angela's ago and haven't used yet. Yay!!!

And for those young 'uns of you out there, this is a roll of film:

Yes, kids, I still have a real roll of film, and I used it here as a stand-in to color in my stamped image. The sad part is: I can't remember if this roll has been exposed yet or not. I think not. And I'm not sure where my film camera is any more. Digital has me so spoiled.

That's all for today. This week I hope to make some more progress on the Scrap Heaplet and use some of my new irreverent sentiments from River City Rubber Works. I'll be back!

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  1. Since the film is still sticking out it probably hasn't been used yet--unless it didn't wind all the way when you finished it up..I love using film and swore I would never go digital, then recieved a fancy pants digital (not a dSlR though) for my birthday a few years back and haven't used film since.
    Grats on the potential cuttlebug sale!

  2. I just used a disposable film camera this weekend, but otherwise, I have not used film at all in 2 years. You have a knack for finding irreverent stamp images!!!


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