Sunday, June 27, 2010

Market Update, A Card, and Some Clean!

Time for my weekly market update, where I show you lots of pictures of the same things, week after week, and it only goes to prove how I have no life, and that I cannot sit still for very long. Again, instead of grouping things logically, I thought I'd be illogical and just show them in the order they were taken. It will be scatterbrained, much like my attention span.

Let us begin.

Maters. I love this shot down this table, and I take it every week:

One of the customers asked what "Maters" were. They thought they were something special, not just Farmer Mike saving a few letters on his signage. ;)

Farmer Mike actually pulled out that pretty purple one to show us today. By "us" I mean me (the crazy lady with a camera who doesn't know when to quit) and our resident photographer, who probably took a really nice shot of this same bin.


I love that this stuff is still dirty. Fresh from the fields, people. Well, in the case of taters, I'm not sure if they are a Fall crop or not. These could be new. I dunno. I'll ask next week.


I get to sit next to this all day, and as people touch it and go, "Ooooooh, basil ..." I get to smell it. ;)

Blackberries and blueberries:

I got some of each, and had the blackberries to balance out the butter-laden spinach empanada I had for lunch. Ahem.


For the record, I see absolutely nothing wrong with Farmer Mike's signage.

Farmer Mike tried to sell me these "sweet jalapenos":

If you'll recall, last summer these same jalapenos almost killed me when I used them to make my poppers. My hands burned for days, and I was unable to consume the poppers, so I donated them to Farmer Mike and his digestive system. He laughed at me. I laughed right back at him this year. "Sweet jalapenos", my a... oh, let's keep this G-rated.

Sour cherries:

... and early peaches:

... and these beans:

I think Farmer Margie called them Cranberry Beans, but I'm not sure. She said they're known by many names depending on where you're from. I'll write it down next week. ;)

And she also had some corn:

Then we had a minor crisis. This guy came through to shop, then he came back because he'd lost his cane. He was certain no one would have taken it. He found it - check it out:

He said he got the "girlie" cane on purpose, and when people make fun of it, he wiggles his butt "like a girl". What a hoot!

Farmer Ryan (actually his wife ... I need to remember her name...) had the winning display for berries this week:

LOVE that checker-board thing she had going!

And more sour cherries:

She also had apricots:

... picked from their own trees. SO good!

Flower assortments at the floral tent:

And because I asked, these orange flowers are Asclepia:

I had to look it up for a more common name, and I think (I THINK) it is orange silkweed. Whatever it is, it's darned pretty! I asked what that white flower was, and he blew it off. Hitchhiker from anther plant. ;)

PUPPY ALERT! This guy was SOOOOOOO cute:

He's a Pit Bull & Lab mix. A rescue. They've only had him for two days. What a sweetie!

Here is my next inspiration source:

Her scarf was so pretty I asked to take a photo. These are NOT my colors! Hot pink and bright orange! Ack!

This young lady just got back from riding:

She stopped by my table to buy a card, and she told me Yes, they were quite hot! I was intrigued by the fact that they were not full boots.

Then these two young ladies stopped at the table across from me and I couldn't help but notice their clothing choices:

I see green and blue here, don't you? Perhaps another color inspiration? Though these are such classics ... think back to Izod and the Kelly Green + Navy Blue years. Mmm-hmmm. Okay, that green is more subtle, so Celery + Navy? Maybe Celery + Not Quite Navy? I'll work on it.

That's it for the market pics. Now I have a minor reveal for you. Over the past few days I've been working on the UFO pile on the right side of the Captain's Table. I took a Before pic the other night for posterity:

Yeah, I didn't measure it or anything, but it was pretty deep. I first pulled out all the printed sketches I'd planned to do over the past few weeks:

I still have these ... they're in a neat little pile. Then I pulled out this mostly-finished card:

Well, okay, here it is finished, but it was missing a sentiment before. I made four of them, but only printed three Get Well sentiments, so it landed in the UFO pile. I pulled out an old and as-yet-unmounted set (Really Retro) and mounted only the one stamp I wanted to use. I'm lazy like that.

Then, this morning, I tackled the whole thing, and I ended up with this:

Yes, this IS a major improvement. Sigh. (leave me alone) Let's do the numbers.

On the right side we have:

(front to back) patterned paper pieces, true UFOs, and in the back, a pile of ribbon pieces I cannot yet bear to toss.

Center section:

A full (FULL) stampin' space! Be still my heart!!! Yes, I cleaned and put away a ton of stamps. Behind that big open space is a stack of pre-cut pieces of card stock that I didn't want to put into the Scrap Heap, even by color. They are left over from, ahem, Christmas (ahem) when I made a bazillion Tea Bag Holders. They could be post-it note holders. Or more Tea Bag holders. Maybe. We'll see.

Then there's that left side:

The most notable thing here is the fact you can actually see the lamp base. And the Stampin' Scrub is not littered with stamps. Baby steps, people.

Then, OMG, I stamped! I wanted to CASE this card for my July Stamp Camps, but mine ended up like this:

... and I'm not really happy with it. First, I had a miserable time getting that image to stamp clean(ly). I ended up stamping it on Whisper White and then adding texture by running the piece through the Big Shot with one of the SU texture plates. I LOVE how that came out! I think I'll lose that tab thing and just leave it a plain rectangle. And I'll punch that bottom scallop better, too. Or maybe I'll leave it as an example to The Ladies of how NOT to do theirs. ;)

Also, that ribbon is no longer available, and neither is the button. Sigh. My work here is not yet finished.

In other news, you know I say I never go out once I'm home? Well that also holds true for if I'm still in my jammies at 3 pm, like I am now, and I don't go OUT, period. HOWEVER, my cousin is in town for a conference, and she is free this evening, so I'm going to shower and get dressed and leave the house. I am! I'm going to metro into DC to meet her at a restaurant near Dupont Circle and do some catching-up. YAY! As I type this, there's laundry being dried so I have something to wear. ;)

So carry on, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking at your market blog is like a little vacation, every time. LOVE that scarf, btw! And your flower card. :)

  2. Just gotta tell you that I love reading your narratives!

    I too love being in jammies all day - although I change out of my "night jammies" and put on my "day jammies" or my lounging clothes!

    When I know I'm not going out, there's no make-up and the hair is left to dry on its own (meaning, it is flat, flat, flat)

    Enjoy the evening with your cousin.

  3. Let me say, of course you have a life. It's me who doesn't... on Sundays when I'm blurfing and I click on your blog, I always look forward to market update. Seriously!
    I love the pic of the flower assortment. When someone asks what my favorite flower is I always answer blue ones! So I love that one in there.
    I totally think you should use that gorgeous green and purple pepper shot for card inspiration.
    Thanks for the blog; I always enjoy it.
    Oh and I know what you mean about jammies... husband and I are having our 20th anniversary party be a pajama party!

  4. Leslie, I love the bottom card! (Except, I'd lose the tab too.)

    And those orange flowers - wow!

    Nice tour - thanks!

  5. I also love reading your blog. It's one that I actually take the time to read instead of skim (yeah I know I'm bad.)


  6. i was thinking of you "marketing" on saturday...cause it was BLOOMIN' HOT (onna farmer mike's jalapeno scale!) here!!!

    what an ACHIEVEMENT on the cleaning up there missus!!! honestly, if i did not live with the loveliest man alive AND work in my living room which needs to be accessible...i would rival (& perhaps BEAT!) you in the realm of un-put-away piles, so your accomplishments cheer me no end!!! :)

    lovely card, also. i actually think i love yours more than the (VERY LOVELY) "cased" card...and i agree that the un-tabbed version would also be wonderful! ♥

  7. Oh! my!!! I've been shamed. You have tidied.....faints in shock!!!! I am mortified I am now the only person left alive with 4sq in. of crafting space....and I can't find anything I need. Anyone seen my tiny Fiskars scissors?
    It would take me days, so I leave it.

    Loving your tour of the market as always, my taste buds go into overdrive. I also made some 'popper's' some time ago, but mine were sweet, sweet, sweet. Thanks for the recipe. xxxx


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