Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moxie Fab: Tuesday Trigger

I'm soooo excited! Look what I earned:

Yep! I played last week's Moxie Fab World: Tuesday Trigger with this card, and I was selected as one of the Trigger Targets! You know what that means? They liked me! They really liked me! (Sorry, channeling a little Sally Field, there...) I'm just so excited and honored! :):):)

They cleverly posted that information under this week's trigger so we'd be influenced to play again. It worked. Here is this week's Tuesday Trigger:

My brain saw apricot and pink flowers on a pale green-ish chair. I knew immediately what I'd use to make this card, but I needed a sketch to get me started. This was it - Sketch 105 from Card Patterns:

Poifect, so I got to work and made this:

Okay, now let me explain:

1. The main thing I'd like you to notice is those very pretty paper roses. I got two packs of them when I was at Mike's last week, you know, buying things I didn't need. One was a pack of 3 shades of yellow, and one was a pack of three shades of pinkish-orange. I thought they'd be just the thing for this card, and also it totally justified my purchase.

1.5. Now that I look at my card, I realize I should have used two of the pinkish-orange instead of two yellow. Oh, well, I still like it!

2. The pretty scallop-y border is my new MFT border die. I was going to use the large matching circle die, too, but it was too big. :(

3. Those papers are from a pack of Kaisercraft papers I still have out. I finally put them away when I finished this card. I need to move on.

4. I used those circle Nesties and actually took the time to figure out how to emboss the larger one. I likey.

5. The sentiment is from my PTI set called Daily Designs Sentiments (maybe an anniversary set?)

6. The cool thing about the flowers is they have floral wires attached to the backs. I just cut one off the bunch in the package, leaving a little bit of the wire on it, poked a hole through the card front where I wanted it, stuck it through, bent the wire back and taped it in place. No worries about how to make them stick! Yay!

That's it - it actually came out almost like the idea in my head. AND, I get to submit it for two challenges. Sweet.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. VERY pretty!! Love your little paper roses. Super sweet with your new MFT Dizzy border die, too. Yum! :) I may play this one. Don't know yet. But you did Grrrreeeeat!

  2. So very pretty!! And HUGE congrats on being a Trigger Target, that is a HUGE honor!!! So very happy for you!!!

    Love the world in the background on this card, btw. :-)

  3. Congrats and wow I love your new style ! where is all this girly syuff coming from?
    But the key item in this post that caught my attention is that MFT die....I am gonna have to take a closer look at it.

  4. Gorgeous! I love those roses...I just bought some too ;) And huge congrats on being a Trigger Target!!!

  5. Beautiful card! I can't get enough of the little roses! Thanks for joining us at Card Patterns!!!

  6. Lovely card! Congratulations on being a Trigger Target last week! Awesome!
    Hugs and smiles

  7. Beautiful card! Love the colours. Just gorgeous.

    Debbie, Crafty Heart

  8. woot woot on the target:) I love what you've done with this week's trigger and the Card Patterns Sketch!!!

  9. Hey Leslie! What a sweet approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)

  10. well NO WONDER that gorgeous yella card got picked! *WHO* would not ♥♥♥loooooooooove♥♥♥ that thing?!?! for that matter, who would not LOVE this thing, too?!?! (i hope they don't have a "no consecutive winners" rule or anything!!) :)


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