Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vintage Friend

Now that I've typed that title, exactly what does "vintage friend" mean? Hmmm, it could mean a long-time friend, or it could be taken the wrong way, as in: a friend who is really, really old. NOT what I was going for. I wanted it to mean this pretty vintage paper with a "friend" sentiment. Lookie:

Now I won't take any credit for this card, since it is a complete CASE of a combination of the first and third cards on this post, but I did change a few minor things. I used Rose Red Seam Binding and I made a flower from two of the Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack flowers punched out of Rose Red. The leaves are from pieces of a Garden Green flower using the same punch. I added one of our tiniest pearls to the center to finish it.

A little secret: I forgot I ordered this set (Baby Blossoms, Occasions Mini). I wasn't going to get it, but now I'm glad I did. Those little flowers look intimidating, but are really easy to use. I only wish the frame image fit one of our punches. THAT would be heaven.

I declare this card #2 for next weekend's Stamp Camps! Half-way there!

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  1. Very pretty, L! Preparing for stamp camp a little early, I see :)

  2. This would make a lovely Mothers Day card.
    see you Sunday


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