Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spot the Mistake Winner, and A Card

First of all, I am not dead. Nope, just mostly comatose. I think I see a pattern with me and Stamp Camps and no days off and ergo: no blogging. Not a good combination. I'll take more time off next month.

And no, I have not forgotten the Spot the Mistake contest. So, yeah, I kinda missed making the announcement on Saturday, though I did go through my Copics to find the duplicates. I have 6. SIX!

Now without further ado, let's go over those entries:

8 out of 8 of you saw I missed the 't' in 'It'. You are correct: the CARD fell over, *I* did not. 1 person offered up a second possibility that "week's" shouldn't have an apostrophe, but no, it really does need one. Sorry, no extra credit for you. And the funny thing is: I thought I had a different mistake than what you all found. Hmph.

So I have the opportunity to use random dot org to pick a wiener ... drum roll, please ... here we go:

Comment #1 is the Wiener! Congratulations to Dorothy C. YAY! Woo-hoo! (The crowd goes wild!) Please email me with your mailing address so I can get these out to you.

Okay, now on to some stampy stuff. I found the need to give the evil eye to someone on Twitter today, and it prompted me to think about a certain lady stamp image and sentiment combination. I also decided to use this week's sketch from the My Favorite Things blog:

Yeah, it's a little busy, but it's perfect for using up matchy-matchy papers from the Remnant Heaplet. Wanna see? Lookie:

All left-over papers from a box I made last summer. I switched it up a little bit by layering the pieces under the oval because I ended up with two of the same patterned pieces together. Bonus: I used up some Vanilla remnants, too. Yay, me.

I actually made that card second, but it more closely matches the sketch, so I posted it first. NOW you get to see the version I like better:

I kinda like the sentiment at the bottom. I do. Oh, and notice that shape for the sentiment:

It's made with an SU punch. Not a new one, nope. One some of you already have in your crafty room! It's the Decorative Label punch, and I learned how to make this by watching this video. I used the very first one I made, so it is a little wonky, but I tried sanding the corners. It's definitely passable.

I hope to be back stamping the rest of this week so I can make a dent in all the sketches I've been printing! So many ideas ... so little time.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wait, don't go, you didn't tell us what was the mistake we all missed!

  2. Fabulous card, absolutely love the sentiment. Thanks for your lovely comments on my Jingle Belles card. Debs xx


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