Monday, March 28, 2011

And a Ballerina

Don't close your browser! You are really reading The Crooked Stamper blog, EVEN THOUGH this card is not only (gah!) pink, it also has a ballerina on it. Yes, I know.

You see, a while ago I got this crazy idea that maybe I should try to make a girlie card. I mean, I'm branching out in other areas (and I don't mean my waistline, but, well, never mind) so why not try pink and girlie? I got this ballerina stamp with one of my Hambo Stamps orders, and I just now used her. Check her out, then we'll talk:

I can't do girlie. It's (more gah!) pink and froo-froo-y and ruffle-y. You may recognize the layout from night's post about this week's Hambo Hoedown sketch. I had originally planned to use this stamp for that challenge, but I decided I liked the dog better. Tonight I finished up the coloring on my ballerina and selected papers from my Basic Grey hopscotch 6x6 paper pack.

The sentiment ... I am very proud of that. You see, I knew I had a stamp that said "sweet", but I could not remember which set it was in. Then I remembered several years ago I'd made this book:

You can tell how old it is by the stamps and papers. 2007? This is an index of all my SU sentiments at that time and what set they were in. It worked until I bought more stamps and stopped updating the book. HOWEVER, I flipped it open to the S's and lookie:

I could tell from my scrawl that the "sweet" stamp could be found in the So Very stamp set, and I made a bee-line for my sentiment stamp drawer (I have two, actually. Sentiment drawers. Yes, it's sad.) and found the stamp.

For bonus points, I stamped the sentiment in my NEW Hero Hues Cerulean (blue) ink. If I fall any more in love with this ink, I'll need to build movable walls in here like that guy in Hong Kong so I'll have room to STORE it all.

On that note, I think I'll take my leave. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Look at you, making a sweet card out of your comfort zone. I love your little stamp book; many of my friends do that, but by the time I learned about it, I already owned 100+ stamps and I didn't want to go back to do it. I kinda wish I had, because I do a lot of searching sometimes and forget if I actually own it, sold it, or just wish listed what I am looking for.

    I watched your green-friendly video. Very cool! I wonder how much time he spends each day moving walls around...

  2. I think you should step over to the girlie side more often because this is one great card! Pat yourself on the back for stepping outside your normal style!


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