Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better Rich

I've decided to try some gluten-free recipes to see how my digestive system handles them, and if I feel any better than when I eat gluten-laden foods. Unfortunately, I'm not doing a controlled test. Nope. I'm not going 100% gluten-free. Rather, I'm introducing some GF (I'm tired of typing it) dishes into my non-menu to see how I take to them. You see, GF generally replaces flour and grains with nut-based products, and nuts and I don't do well. I also can't be a vegan because I can't handle beans or soy. Yes, I'm high-maintenance, but not in your usual way.

So ANYway, I decided to start with a dessert and tried this recipe for Raspberry Coconut Almond Cookie Bars. Let me tell you: they are to DIE for! Caveat: I did not use the special butter replacement, because in my world, there IS no replacement for real butter, and since I'm not a vegan, I. Don't. Care. So yeah, I made these and, well, let's just call them what they are: Butter Cookies With Some Raspberry Jam and Coconut and Almonds. But I will say that the coconut flour smells divine, and I'm sure it contributes to the yumminess factor after you get past all that butter.  Mmmm, butter.

Speaking of rich, I received my new GinaK goodies tonight, and just had to play with my new Girl Talk set. It haz some new snark. Lookie:

The set is this rectangle with the young lady and a bunch of sentiments. I love that each sentiment fits in the space next to her inside the rectangle. I did use my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to align it, just to reduce the crooked factor. The two papers are from one of the new GinaK patterned papers sets, and the twine is from a Twinery sampler I split with one of my peeps.

I think I'm going to like this set. A lot. :)

In other news, don't forget the Mini VSN over on Splitcoast is happening this weekend - Friday, Feb 10th. Challenges will be posted hourly between 5 & 9 pm Eastern Time, but you'll be able to play any time over the weekend. Check the forum for the shopping list and details. The main VSN will be March 9th & 10th, so mark your calendars! I'll be hosting one of the March challenges (squee).

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  1. Love it!!!! :) I'm with you...mmmm butter! LOL

  2. oh that's a SET where you can swap out the sentiments and things?! YIKES! now that is a verrrrrrrrrrry cool idea and of course it is PERFECTION for you, both in terms of style and JOKES! (though this one just seems to be a true statement as far as i can tell. also coffee, for the "richness" imo, but yeah!!!) :) :):)


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