Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Carved Word

Today was a rough day in my social media world. First, we discovered that Blogger changed the Captcha (secret word thing on comments so I know you are not spam) from one legible word to two illegible words, and WE HAD NO IDEA THEY'D DONE IT until we were unable to read them and comment on each other's blogs. But that's not so bad, because you can just turn off word verification, right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you've taken the plunge like I have and are using the new Blogger interface (which I LOVE, by the way), there is NO SETTING OPTION to turn word verification on or off. Seriously?

I searched the Interwebz and found a post that explains no, no there is no setting for it in the new interface; you have to revert to the OLD interface to change the setting. Say what? And what happens when the old interface goes away? Will we be forever locked in to our word verification choice? I was a little miffed.

Then - oh, it gets better - there's Twitter. I have never liked the Web interface for Twitter. It's not intuitive, and it's difficult to see who's talking. I like Tweetdeck since I can separate out groups of people I talk to the most and see them without wading through the news and weather stuff. So Twitter has another new Web interface, and today everyone on the Web has been forced to the new new Twitter. They are screaming about how awful and not user-friendly it is.

So use Tweetdeck instead, right? Nope! Twitter has upgraded that, too, and ELIMINATED several key features that make it awesome. In my work-a-day world, you don't change a customer/user interface without IMPROVING the customer experience. Eliminating key features that made something awesome and easy to use is not my idea of an improvement. I'm just sayin' ...

Do any of these companies... I dunno ... TEST THEIR PRODUCTS WITH REAL USERS? I doubt it.

So after a day like this, I decided my carving homework was perfect. Well, not in the "perfectly carved" sense, but ... you know.

Our assignment was to pick a word, write it in cursive, and cut. it. out.  I already have Happy, Love, Merry, Joy ... all the normal words you'd think of, and I don't need more of them. I finally decided on a word I do not have in my collection that would work with several of my snarky lady stamps. Here she is:

No, it's not all that great a carving job, but it was 10 pm and this was my THIRD attempt and I called it "close enough".  Here is the card I made with it tonight:

I think she perfectly embodies how I feel about all the flack over my favorite social media tools. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Twitter? Blogger? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? STOPPIT!

Okay, then, that felt good. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go enjoy my OLD version of Tweetdeck until they cut me off for good. The nerve.

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  1. nice choice!! such a multi-functional word, oy.

  2. Oy vey! I love it! Great job on the rustic carving! Do you think you will continue carving after your class is over?

  3. Hugs on your crappy social media day, but I *love* the stamp. How cool!! And how PERFECT with that image, LOL!!!

  4. I think you chose the perfect word to carve - it pretty much sums up your day. I hope tomorrow is not an "Oy" kind of day for you.

  5. I hear your "oy" and raise you a "vey"! And then offer you a big 'ol hug. I think your stamp is PERFECTO!! And so multi-purpose, too! It looks so awesome on your card. Love it. xoxo

  6. YES! Couldn't have said it better myself, Leslie! Change in social media just ticks me off. It takes a long time to get used to all that stuff and to do our own little work-arounds and then they change it all. Your "oy" is perfect. Sums it up just right & says it all in two little letter. Love it! ((hugs and commiseration!)) ;-)

  7. don't you just wish you could send blogger a card? I certainly do, and oy would be a nice phrase..the nicest they would hear from me anyway...


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