Saturday, February 25, 2012

More New Toys

Despite the title of this post, I have taken great steps today to reduce the Want Monster in my life. I've decided I do not need every 6x6 Basic Grey pad made from this day forth, so I canceled my standing I WANT ONE OF EACH order. Now I will only use what I have and what I buy by the sheet. This will reduce both my current stash and the incoming traffic. Win-win!

I also ordered the complete set of Tim Holtz markers. Why? Because the pesky Want Monster saw all the cool stuff he did with them via enabling CHA videos. But today I checked to see if there was a wait list for them, and since there was, I declined the entire set and only bought 6 single markers and the white (picket fence). See?!?!?! Baby steps. Plus, someone else is now very, very happy to own the complete set! I win again! :)

I did, however, use those two steps to justify the purchase of another set of Faber Castell Gelatos, this time the blue/green set:

 Love them! Remember this card I made yesterday with the metalics? I made the same card today with these four new colors:

I might be in love. As soon as my winner-winner-chicken-dinner Green Gelatos arrive, I'll do this again. Once I run out of this Bazzill embossed card stock, I'll be embossing my own, but until then, I'll be lazy. :)

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  1. This is gorgeous - love the colors. So what's the scoop on these Gelatos? I've been ignoring their existence. Actually, never mind, don't tell me... ;-)

  2. I wish I were as strong as you for the tim holtz marker resistance...but alas, mine should be here in the next 2 weeks or so....I just couldn't resist....


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