Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MFT Sketch (not)

I set out this evening to accomplish one thing: to make a card. I wanted to combine the SCS Color Challenge of Pool Party + Island Indigo + White, and I chose the current MFT sketch to use as a starting point. Here's the sketch:

 And here is my card:

You should immediately notice I'm missing an element. This is what happens when you have so much s-crap on your table that part of the sketch is obliterated from view. :( I suppose that bird would count, if I had it on the other side, but I didn't WANT it on the other side.

I also stretched the sketch elements by saying that cage is the center rectangle. I was going to put it on a white rectangle, but then decided against it.

I have this thing about birds and cages, which is why you've never seen me stamp a bird in a cage. I didn't even buy that set. However, I like a bird sitting on top of a cage, so that's what I did here.

As for the stash, I had to open my 12x12 pack of the 2011-2113 In Color papers and chose the Island Indigo for the main panel and the Pool Party for the smaller panels. The die-cuts and sentiment are from MFT. The pearls - excuse me ... stickers* ... are from Archiver's - thanks, Libby! Thanks also to Silke Ledlow who told me I could find these at Archiver's. I <3 the Interwebz.

Here is a closer shot of the sentiment, so you can read it:


I think I'll go stamp something else. Thanks for stopping by!

* I have been combing the Web for anything that even resembles a silver "pearl", and have found nothing. My wonderful LSS even ordered me "silver pearls", but they are matte, not chrome-y. When Silke sent me the link to Archiver's, we noticed they are called "stickers". No wonder we couldn't find them! Sheesh - semantics. Dear stores, If you want to sell more "stickers" that look like "pearls", add a key word. Please. Love, Me.


  1. whats wrong with it you don't have to follow a sketch completely as long as they can see the elements which in this you clearly can so I think it's a great take on the sketch and I am sure every one will too
    Jacki xx

  2. Nope, element is not missing, just relocated. I don't like birds in cages, either. Birds should not be caged, they should be free to fly, as they were meant to.

  3. I can totally see the sketch in this card and I am loving it...


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