Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lego Birthday

Some time back I saw a card* with Lego's made from card stock, and I filed it away in my brain to try one day. Today was that day. Okay, this past week was that day, as I made them over the course of the week. I only put them on a card today.

Here's the card I made:

 I went with traditional primary Lego colors and made those from card stock remnants. Each rectangle is 1" x 1 3/4", and there are five of them in each stack. The circles are stacks of three 1/4" circles punches. Here's one up close and personal:

I went with remnants of paper from the SU Big Top Birthday for the background, a piece of old old old SU Royal grosgrain ribbon, and a banner and sentiment from Lawn Fawn. I think it's kindof a fun kid card. Look for it soon in my Etsy shop. :)

I think I'll go back and play some more. Thanks for stopping by!

*I've since lost track of the post that inspired me, and all my searching efforts have come up with a bazillion "lego" links but nothing resembling a hand-crafted greeting card. If you find one, please let me know so I can link to it. Thanks!


  1. A.dor.a.ble... Great idea and that Big Top paper is perfect! *smile*

  2. So so cute!!!! My lego-obsessed friend is moving away...this will be a perfect idea for her. Thanks! :)


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