Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go Around Me

I love some good irreverence, and my bloggy and tweepy pal, Libby sent me an irreverent stamp (THANK YOU!), so it HAD to be used, and right away!

I followed (pretty much) this week's Mojo Monday sketch:

Okay, they said round or square, and I went with rectangle, but I made this in the spirit of the sketch:

When I first saw the sentiment, I knew immediately I needed to pair it with this stamp from one of my GinaK sets. And I do encounter one of these women at least once a day. Some day, soon, I hope that's me. :)

I paper-pieced the car, and I just noticed I forgot to go back and color the bumper silver or chrome. Oh, well. Oh, the sentiment is from Art Impressions.

Happy Hump Day! And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cute! Great job on the paper piecing, too, even if the bumpers aren't silver. The way she drives, she has probably had them knocked off several times anyway. Love the curly things in the button center, too.


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