Monday, February 27, 2012

A Lattice Birthday

Last night I decided to play with one of my new Memory Box dies and whatever else I had laying around, which in my world is quite a lot. I started with a sketch, but went off target, so I just used it to get started.  Here's my card:

 The sketch was from Just Add Ink:

and you can see where it kinda fits, but then again ... not. My favorite part of this card is the die-cut lattice:

I've seen so many digital images and background stamps with this pattern ... I've even tried to draw one of my own in Silhouette Studio, but it didn't work quite right. I need more practice. But THIS die --- oooh la la! My only challenge is getting it to stick! I tried the Xyron, but because of all the open space, I have to do a lot of erasing with the adhesive eraser. Not fun. The one I tried and eventually trashed had four strips of the lattice and I got a bit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, if you know what I mean.

I got smarter and only did one strip of lattice here, but I was still challenged with the adhesive options. I tried my glue pad, even re-glued the surface and rubbed it in reeeeal good, but it's either defective, or *I* am defective (distinct possibility there), or ... I don't know what. Darn thing wouldn't stick. I eventually went over it with the SU 2-way glue pen and leaned on it heavily for a while. It mostly stuck. You can see where the edges still stick up a bit. But I'm okay with that! :)  I'm in deep like with this die, in spite of its challenges.

And in this corner:

I'm pretty happy with this corner. This was me in full stash-shopping mode. :) That circle die (from MFT) had a big empty in the center, and I filled it with some green chipboard flowers I've had for ages, and I used TWO of them here! Plus another button from one of my Blue Buttons jars. Yes, I'm very proud.

Alrighty, then. By now you've realized it's MONDAY. Sorry I can't fix that for you, but try and have a good one. I plan to end my work day with a massaaaaaage, so I'm good. :)

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  1. What a pretty card! And that lattice die?!!? Oooh-la-la!! Of course you have now enabled me. *shakes fist*

  2. Oh Leslie, that's very pretty! I love that lattice die and I can see where it would be hard to adhere. There really isn't a good way to stick down that kind of stuff.

  3. Ouuu! This is so gorgeous, Leslie! I love the softness of it & you rocked that sketch. You are so right about the adhesive options with stuff like that. I don't usually use gluesticks but I tried them on a piece of lattice the other day & they seem to be the best. With a pouncing motion instead of smearing though, if that makes any sense at all? ;-) Happy Thursday!


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