Monday, February 20, 2012

A Manly Card

Cards for guys are tough to make. TUFF, I tell you! So when my card was selected for one of the Skipping Stones Design challenges (squee!) and I got to select a FREE SET (double-squee!), I selected a Grunge set that included a tire track and the words Tough Guy. Yep, and this weekend I made this:

I started with remnants from my pack of Memory Box Valise papers (still out, of course) and it just kinda came together. I stamped the tire track on the vertical piece, and the words on the middle piece she said, stating the obvious. To add a little something-something, I went into my drawer of Everything Metallic embellishments, added two antique brass eyelets (very manly) and tied some twine through them (now we're approaching Neanderthal, right?)  I called it done.

In other news, remember this picture from the other night?

Well look what happens when I plug in the second light:

Yeah, I need a keeper.

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  1. VERY manly!! *thumps chest*...owww!!!! :( What a cool card. I like the diamond plate pattern. Reminds me of tool boxes and stuff. I like it. Neat card!

  2. Again with the eyelets? And twine, too....very macho manly, indeed. Or should I say mucho macho.

  3. Fabulous card. I am horrible with masculine cards. Love the colors, love your card!! :-)

  4. oh oh OHHHHHHH how i love those ♥MANY♥ sets... especially that gorgeous diamond plate pattern! hubba, hubba! proof of their greatness: ALREADY you've used them to make THE MOST AWESOME GUY CRAD EVER!!!! (fact!!!) ♥♥♥


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