Thursday, February 23, 2012

(This Post Title Intentionally Left Blank)

Did you ever have one of those cards that you thought was a good design, then the more you worked on it, the more you hated intensely disliked it, then you tried to fix it by adding still more, then you still intensely disliked it, then you ripped stuff off and added more stuff to try and save it ... yeah, this was one of those. I refused to toss it; I wanted to win this one!

I started out the other day with a piece of old old old embossed vellum that I desperately wanted to use. It is green and purple. I actually like the colors, but I've obviously not yet figured out what to do with it. So I tried. I tried really hard. After four days and many changes, I ended up with this:

This is not even close to how it started out. The butterflies are punched from the paper and are I think five layers each. (I told you it's been DAYS, people, DAYS.) They were already stuck down on the original failed design, and I couldn't remove them, so I took out all the weird stuff I had going on in between and had to come up with a way to cover up all the evidence, so I made up those banner things. Those banner things are two layers: vellum + white card stock. The two layers were necessary because there was an awful lot of evidence left behind from the earlier attempts.

Those things holding the banners in place are handsome purple brads. :) Then I colored some mini pearls with my BV08 Copic to put down the middle of each of the three butterflies. The sentiment is from the SU Apple Blossoms set. The purple paper is from my stash of retired SU card stock.

Here's a close-up of one of the butterflies so you can see the texture on the vellum:

Kinda neat, huh?

So, yeah, I'm not feeling the love, but I'm glad it's finally off my desk so I can move on.

In other news, tomorrow is FRIIIIDAAAAAAY! Whoot! I have a few partial projects on my desk I hope to actually complete this weekend so I can show you what my brain has been doing lately. :)

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  1. But it turned out great. i do know what you mean about having a card that you really hate and have to rework. I think you fixed this one marvelously. It looks gorgeous now.

  2. I love the butterflies, but the brads on the ribbon bits look like eyes, so to me they look like little plaid ghosties. :)
    I really like the colors a lot, though.

  3. This turned out wonderfully... Love butterflies... They make everything better!


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