Thursday, November 1, 2012

Missed it Again

I have a new method of doing sketch challenges, and it appears not to be working.  This past week was #3 for CAS(E) This Sketch!, and I do mean WAS. I missed it by 6 hours. Boo. But I had my project in my grey matter and I needed to get it out onto paper, so I played anyway,

Here's the sketch:

and here's my interpretation of it:

I knew that opening needed to be an owl's home. Ah, well, hopefully I'll get to the next one in time.

Oh, that new method? It's called: saving trees. I usually print each sketch  on its own page, which is how my craft desk gets so out of control. So I decided to get smart and now I open a Word document, then copy each sketch into it and shrink it down so I get lots on a page, then I just print one page. This is the second week I've done that, and I can't find either page of paper. I think my method needs refinement. Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not included below: Twinery twine, GinaK (I think) cream card stock


  1. Hi Leslie I keep all my sketches in a folder on my computer with all my other crafty stuff I always use MCS to design my cards so then I just choose my sketch and drag and drop it onto my MCS page and print it off with my papers that way I can resize it to fit the smallest space (as long as I can see it) and then just discard it after as it is only on a scrap of paper love what you have done though even if you were to late for the challenge I think we have all done that at some point I know I have

    Jacki xx

  2. Sometimes it's more important to exercise the grey matter than to make a deadline.

  3. I really like the little circle of dark brown around the hole in the tree -- it's a subtle touch that makes it look way more finished.

    Since color doesn't matter in a sketch, would it be useful to print them off on not-white paper? If you used florescent orange or yellow (or even pink) those would probably be some pretty hard pieces of paper to lose!

  4. adorable! I just love that owl. Which made me think I need that stamp set... :-(

  5. You may have missed the deadline but you nailed the sketch. That owl is adorable.

  6. I do my sketches the same way you just started doing them, but I have a binder clip that I use to attach them to one of my drawers on my desk. It's not pretty but it works. Mostly.
    These not-midnight deadlines get me often.
    I totally LOVE this chubby owl - he looks perfectly at home :)

  7. You're card's a Hoot. Really adorable

  8. Love it! You could put the sketches in a 3 ring binder and have that binder be an inspiration jump start. I save sketches to my PC as well. I like both methods.


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