Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All That Glitters

I found another piece of something I played with at a recent crafty weekend, and I decided to put it onto a card front if only to get it off of my desk.

Here's the card, then I'll explain:

When I pack for "away" days, I try to restrict myself to a few specific projects so I don't pack my whole craft room, though I usually end up taking most of my craft room anyway. I TRY, people, I try. This time I packed a bunch of stickers so I could play with coloring glitter, but most of my stickers are gold, and I really wanted black. One of my pals brought her black stickers and she shared a few with me. These are balloons from Elizabeth Crafts, and if this wasn't a glitter technique, I'd be all over these stickers. I still may be, but so far I've held out.

First, you cover a piece of a double-sided sticky sheet* with a fine white glitter, making sure to burnish it into the sticky sheet so it stays stuck. Put on your sticker and make sure IT is good and stuck. Then you color it with Copics. All you need to do is touch the tip of the marker to the glitter and the color spreads, but it doesn't spread past the sticker. It's crazy easy to do!

I then die-cut a sentiment out of the right side, die-cut it again out of black, and pieced it into place. Make sure when cutting letters that you save the centers to put back into place. Those little buggers try to escape, but you need to keep track of them and show them who's boss. Sometimes a small bowl comes in handy to hold the tiny pieces.

Here's evidence of the shiny:

That was all I did that weekend on this project, and I came home with a piece of glittery happiness.

I decided to put it onto a Hero Arts Punch card base, but first I stamped the front of the card with a Hero Arts background stamp using Punch Chalk ink. I liked the tone-on-tone look, and the background wasn't plain that way.

As my last act, I went over the black letters with my Wink of Stella clear brush to make them look more like they belonged in all that glitter.

I hesitate to get hooked on this technique, as I try to keep a glitter-free zone for making OWH cards. But this glitter is very fine, and when burnished onto the sticky background, it doesn't flake off. We'll see how I do with the self-restraint thing.

Thanks for stopping by!

 * I used part of a Sookwang/Be Creative sheet. If you don't have the sheets, you can use strips of other sizes to cover a piece of card stock.

Products used: Elizabeth Craft stickers, and the following:


  1. Glitter?? You? I love the look of it but I don't do it very often. Yours turned out beautifully. Not for OWH, though.

  2. They have a cloth to clean up the glitter, its like a cheese cloth that is sticky, and it really works well. Jennifer McGuire touts the swiffer cloth, and it too works...for me its the glitter that escapes to my clothes that drives me well.

    Your card is beautifully colored, and love sparkly things!

  3. Oh. My. Heck. I HAVE to try this technique. I have a million zillion of these stickers. The plan was to color the cracks with those gelly roll know those ones that are always DRIED UP when you go to use them. You're sure those little stickers stick to the fine glitter?? That's the only part I'm doubtful about but I'm still gonna try it. I can't wait to see the results. Well, I guess I have to as I'm at work and I have boring things to do once I get home. Woe is me.


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