Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cards for OWH

Yesterday I took some time to stamp the backs of the cards I've made for OWH, stuff them into envelopes, and pray that I filled a flat-rate box. Nope, it was only half full. Even though I raided my cache of Mother's Day and Father's Day cards (they were in the same box), I still couldn't fill that flat-rate box. This meant today was going to be spent in mass-production mode.

I'm not in love with mass production, but I saw this as an opportunity to disappear some of my 6x6 pads that were mostly small remnants and not a lot of full pages. I found 3 or 4 packs that fit this description.

Next, I needed a sketch. I checked out the list of OWH sketches, looking for one that screamed scraps, and settled on this one:

I don't know about you, but I have mostly 1"- and 2"-wide scraps when I use 6x6 paper, so I saw the 2" pieces as the back rectangle (I don't often use the stated dimensions, though a lot of OWH-ers do), I saw the 1" pieces cut in half as the vertical strips, and I'd stamp a sentiment on white for the top rectangle. I went to work and made 18 cards, and all that's left in that paper pack are 4 or 5 sheets of wood-grain patterns, which may come in handy one day.

Oh, do you want to see a few of the cards? Here's one:

The more I look at these, the more I think I should have trimmed the bottoms of the vertical strips on an angle. I actually tried, but I used a good adhesive, so I couldn't pull up the ends to trim them. :(

Here's one more:

For this one the strips of paper weren't long enough, so I didn't have them go up to the top of the card base. I'm also pretty sure I broke several design rules by putting two chevron patterns together, but it's all I had left! Please don't shun me.

And the last one of that batch:

Then I moved on to another 6x6 paper pack, and the current sketch from CAS(E) This Sketch!:

This looked perfect for using more of those 2" strips, and parts of some of the smaller pieces. Here's one of the cards I made:

So I had this idea ... I thought it would be fun to stack sentiments. I mean, if someone overseas is missing his or her love, they are also thinking about them, right? So Love You, Miss You, Thinking of You logically (in my mind, anyway) need to be together.

I took three sentiments from a Clearly Besotted set (linked below) and stacked them. I left room for a divider, and added the arrow from a Simon Says Stamp set between the words using two different colors of ink.

Here's another one:

I like how this green cuts all the (gah) pink in the paper pack.

Last one:

In other news, I suspect I'll lose my OWH fan badge when they see these cards arrive. They like Miss You, Love You, and Thinking of You cards, and they like the cards in the boxes to be grouped by sentiment for easier processing. I plan to put these cards in a section called "These Defy Categorization" and see what happens. I'll probably be called out as an example of what not to do. I can live with that.

Oh, I made 14 of that last design, so 14 + 18 = 32 cards. Not bad, but not nearly what I need to fill that box. I'm off to make some more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Basic Grey Sweet Threads 6x6 pack (discontinued), Tombow adhesive, adhesive foam (I just ordered The Precious to replace my almost-gone foam mounting tape), and the following:


  1. I think the I love You bit trumps all the other bits so these will be love cards in the end. Kinda like "Because I love you, I miss you so I'm thinking of you." Also, jealous. You had a good mass production day.

  2. You've really done an amazing job creating all of these cards...and some! Great take on the CTS sketch, too! I love how you paired your papers and kept your design CAS!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my've made my day with your comments :-)

  3. It was my pleasure to reading your blog "Cards for OWH" so thanks for this amazing posting. I will again visit your blog.

  4. You are too valuable to lose your OWH fan badge. I agree with Kara, they will be in the Love section. I like these and I think the ends on the strips might have been better cut at an angle or even like a banner. They still look great, though.

  5. yowza! what a fab collection! the stacked sentiments are BRILLIANT!!! <3

  6. I think they fall into the LOVE YOU category because if you didn't love someone probably you aren't thinking of them (unless it is while sharpening your machete) and don't miss them. That's just my take on it.

    Great quick cards for using up those bits and pieces.

    Try not to weep but I'm looking for a good pink ink. That Hero Bubblegum might be okay. They are all either too neon, too purplish or too light. Someone somewhere needs to make a good pink ink. Surely?!


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