Thursday, March 6, 2014

More vs Less

I was enabled to need a die based on seeing this card:

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Isn't that stinkin' cute? I needed the caterpillar die, and I got it. Yesterday I made myself open and use it. By now you know I can't 100% CASE anything; I have to make it my own. Well, I got pretty close to a 100% CASE when I made this:

only mine suks and hers doesn't. I hate detest my version. It's too much, plus I dislike the colors of green I chose. And I tried gluing the googly eyes over the flock and it didn't work and one of them fell off when I took this photo. And I used the stems die I had and I had to piece it and then I had to add butterflies (they were laying on my desk, unloved) to hide the seams.

I also cut four of the caterpillar die and stacked each of the body parts four deep. I wish I'd been drunk so I wasn't cursing myself for that hair-brained idea. I was also cursing myself for not having red, orange and yellow flock, because caterpillars are fluffy, you know.

All in all, I was most unhappy. Although, I did like my idea of adding some dots to the body parts. I do like those.

Discouraged, I tried a less-complicated version of the card, and I made this:

I cut the caterpillar out of the white layer, colored it with a tan marker, and pieced it back in. Then I added glue and brown flock so it was all fuzzy:

I popped the strips of grass on dimensional adhesive so it looks like he's peeking out from his hiding place. :) And so far the eyes are still stuck to the flock.

I like the Less version a lot more than the More version. I'd even make it again!

About that green card stock: I bought a pack of Core'dinations Minty Fresh card stock at a big box store because it was on sale and I liked the blues and greens in the pack. When I opened it, I found that even though the sheets are textured, which I love, they are very VERY thin and flimsy. This is actually good since I planned to use it as layers, but for the grass, for example, if I'd used a larger die, I fear the paper would have flopped over unless I'd layered it. Yeah, it's that thin.

So now I can check off one more thing from my "not yet used" box and move on to something else. What will it be? I'll probably surprise myself!

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Products used: Poppy Stamps Cute Caterpillar die, Core'dinations Minty Fresh textured card stock paper, SU 2-way glue pen, SU brown flock, A Muse cloud dies, SU Dimensionals, and the following:


  1. I love both versions! I really like the addition of the butterflies in the first card, and the fact that his eye fell off just means he looks like he's winking!! Isn't that what you intended in the first place, anyway? ;)

  2. That caterpillar is adorable! I love the fuzzy one. I think darker leaves on your card would have been just the ticket, but I like the layout.

  3. I don't hate yours! But I do see the differences you mentioned. Not bad, just different. I often have that problem, if something doesn't turn out the way I envisioned, I think it is bad. Not true!! BTW, have you ever made your own flocking? Use a cheese grater to shred Styrofoam, put a bit into a small baggie, add a drop of food coloring or ink, mix, dry, and done!

  4. I think it is the greens in your first card that throw it off. I like the addition of the butterflies for a little more interest. And I promise to keep all one-eyed wonder worm comments to myself.

    I like second version a lot with the layered grass and the caterpillar peeking out. I wish companies wouldn't label things "card stock" when it isn't because then people use it like card stock and justify their doing so by saying, "but the package said so!" Ugh. Yes, I know too many people who use flimsy paper. Can you tell?!


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