Sunday, March 30, 2014

OWH Cards

Today I finally did it! I took the remains of a 6x6 pad of paper and I used almost all of it. GONE! I made 20 cards for OWH using the current Freshly Made Sketches sketch:

It's perfect! I used 1/2 sheets of the 6x6 pieces for the vertical element, then strips of the remnants for the horizontal element.

I won't bore you with all 20 of them, but just a few of which I'm particularly proud :)


I only had one piece of this paper, and I like how much of the work it did for me. You'll also notice I didn't take my horizontal piece all the way to the edges of the card. I did that on purpose, as I thought it looked better this way.


I messed with the brightening too much here. That strip of paper is actually green. Oops.

Another one:

I made a bunch of these. I liked the Hello with the post card images.

For the rest of these, I made a few with each sentiment:


I got all crazy and layered three strips of remnants on these.


More layering. I did use ALL the remnants, too. *so proud*

Last set:

See those strips of red and light blue? Those are the whole pieces I have left from the pack. Well, not those pieces exactly, because those are strips, but the remaining whole pieces are those colors/patterns. Since they are in my favorite color grouping right now, I'm pretty sure I'll use them. :)

Twenty cards - not too shabby!

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  1. You have been a real busy lady. Good for you. You have made a lot of beautiful, interesting cards. There will be a lot of happy family members. Have a good week.

  2. Wow, 20 cards! I'm impressed! Love all the variations you've posted. Thanks so much for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches.

  3. That paper looks wonderful on those cards. I never would have given it a second look, but you certainly used it to your advantage.

  4. So impressive! I love it when you get on a tear and use up (or try to) your paper packs. You come up with such inspired things!

    What a great batch of cards!


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