Sunday, March 2, 2014

When More Is Too Much

I've mentioned before my tendency to "fix" things by adding more. Well, this card is a great example of when "more" becomes "too much". But I worked on this for over an hour, so I'm sharing it anyway.

It all started when I saw the current challenge at Fusion:

I saw the curve of the sketch and thought it looked like a piano. I had a still-in-the-package piano keyboard die, so a plan was hatched. It failed, and it failed miserably. But ever-vigilant, I pushed on to Plan B, and I didn't actually have a Plan B.

I'd say most of this card was the result of me compensating for things. Here's the card, then I'll explain:

See? More is too much. And yeah, I cut the bottom in the other direction, but work with me here! Sigh, crafting is HARD, people!

My plan was to use a heart for the circle element of the sketch, then try to do that thing Jennifer McGuire showed us with the floating sentiment in a window. I might have failed that, too. I cut about 6 of the Thanks die out of white and stacked them up under the opening. You're supposed to put the colored sentiment over the stacked ones to make it look floaty, but I was off by one or two layers, and my colored layer is reaching a bit.

I DID pay attention to the pattern under the heart opening and at least tried to center the design, so there's that.

My sentiment was in the window instead of at the bottom of the curve, so I thought I'd die-cut the WPlus9 XOXO die out of a fairly neutral paper from the same pack I was using, hoping beyond hope that it would blend into the background, but still satisfy the sketch. I'm not sure I like it.

The strips of paper under the heart window are for the lines element of the sketch. I was quite proud when I, again, remembered to try and get an even row of dots from the patterned paper. It only took me three tries to get it mostly straight. I think it's too busy, and in hindsight, maybe I should have just scored some lines there. But I'd already thought to use the papers and had stuck the white layer to the card base all popped up on dimensional adhesive, so ... no.

Now, about those sequins. You say it might not be so bad without them, hmmm? Well, unfortunately there was a small glue mishap and the sequins need to be there. I was not going to toss this after all that work.

So, now I've worked myself into a lather, and I feel the need to re-attempt this card. Yes, I might be insane.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for stopping by!

Products used: SU Dimensionals, Spellbinders Hearts, and the following:


  1. I'm not sure it's the paper that's the problem. That yellow sequin jumped right out at me when I saw the card. Maybe try laying a light green one over it and see if it makes a difference to you. I like the card other than that!

  2. I get it. I have a hard time letting go of a card too. Looking forward to your next one...i like the sequins, maybe the dot strip pushed things over?

  3. This is what I fondly call, a card that is taking on a life of it's own. Love the story about the card.

  4. Love this post! Sometimes it is good to see that other folks have issues making cards too and not everything comes out perfect! Thank you for sharing!

    I love the sentiment treatment on this one (now I need to go find the Jennifer McGuire card, lol).

  5. ok, i totally GET the frustration, but i disagree about the MORE being too much! i love it! but then, i'm a "more is more" kinda gal, eh?! <3 <3 <3

  6. Well... let's see. I enjoyed hearing your dilemma because I like to paint myself in to these corners too. I like the colors in your card except for maybe the one too bright yellow/gold sequin. I don't really notice the XOXO so you did get it to really blend in. I say just send the card to someone and they will like it. They have no idea what you were going for versus what came out.

  7. I love reading your posts, Leslie, whether you think your card is overdone or not!! I particularly like your floaty sentiment :) Thanks so much for joining our challenge at FUSION!!

  8. I think you're too hard on yourself! It all looks great together...even the 'yellow sequin'...the sequins brighten it up, I think, and I really like the yellow one in there! Really love that pretty 'thanks', too! So glad you shared...we've all had cards that didn't cooperate or turn out like the perfect one in our mind, but I'm like you...after all the time and effort, I hate to 'ditch it'. So happy you happy you shared!;)

  9. Love the peek of patterned paper at the bottom ... and I think you rocked the floating sentiment ... so glad you joined us at the Fusion Card challenge.

  10. Beautiful card - and that's a perfectly placed sentiment!

  11. Beautiful card - and that's a perfectly placed sentiment!


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