Saturday, March 15, 2014

OCC CAS3 Homework - Day 5

Days 5 & 6 of the Online Card Classes: CAS3 - One Layer Cards class focused on Bringing Backgrounds to the Foreground, and there were some awesome examples. I finished two cards for my homework, and while mine aren't awesome, they were certainly done in the spirit of the class. :)

Oh, and did you notice I said I finished two cards? I started about ten. Yeah, pretty trash.

Here's my first one, which is a combination of several ideas from class:

I masked off a slice of the card front and used more masking tape with Distress ink to create a plaid. In class we saw the whole card front as a plaid, but I'm not that patient.

Some of the other techniques involved using an iron, and while I really REALLY want to try them, my iron is somewhere in a box, so I knew that wasn't going to happen any time soon. I'll just file the ideas away for later.

My second card follows the masked embossed background idea:

My card has larger embossed areas than the class sample, largely because of that whole lack of patience thing from which I suffer. Yes, the process of making this card is a little messy, and you should see the ones in the trash. ;/ I figured out my Versamark pad and my Versamarker were old enough to replace, and once I did that, things got a lot easier. I still have a cache of supplies from being an SU Demo, so yeah, I had extras, still in shrink wrap.

This card was messy and fussy, but it was fun once I used better ink. Did you notice I added some orange inside the sun? Mostly because I could. This whole thing is embossed.

Thus ends Week 1 of class. I'll be playing with other stuff this weekend, and maybe even do a challenge or two, if the mood strikes me. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used for the plaid card:

Products used for the embossed card: SU Basic Gray card stock, misc washi tape, and the following:


  1. WOW! I love both these. The plaid is so vibrant and rich looking. Just love it.

  2. I love that plaid! You did a wonderful job with it, patient or not. The embossed one is gorgeous, too.

  3. The thought of trying the plaid... yikes, but you did it so nicely. I am not that patient...not even for a strip of plaid.

  4. I've done that masking tape plaid thing, only not with distress ink since that was before that existed and Tim was a mere craft store employee up the road from us. I opted out of the other background not being a fan of heat embossing. I also lack from patience so I can see where you are coming from. Great experimental cards.


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