Thursday, July 3, 2014

ABNH: July Sketch

Hi there! I'm over at A Blog Named Hero today with my monthly sketch post. Here's one of the cards I made:

It's (gah) pink, I KNOW! But I wanted this one to be totally different than all the other ones I made, so I went for froo-froo with pink and lace and vellum. And that's two more pieces of (gah) pink stuff that has left the craft room!

Why not stop over at ABNH to see what else I've cooked up?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I happen to love pink and I think it's fabulous, so there!

  2. That fancy ass oriental paper (that's its true name I know) is way too cool for me to use it so I'm impressed you used it. If you ever do a secret sister card swap or something you could do pink, pink, and more pink like this card and no one would know it was you (or immediately suspect you because it is so not you). It is very awesome, pink and all.


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