Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Might Have Invented Something

Maybe I invented something, or maybe I didn't. Perhaps people much smarter than I am already thought of this and decided it wasn't share-worthy, but I am not them, so you'll get to see what I did.

Most of you know by now that I'm in love with inking and spritzing my acrylic block and stamping it on watercolor paper. Usually you lift the block then dry the ink with a heat tool. However, when you lift the acrylic block, the ink on the paper kinda runs and you get to chase it to where you do (or don't) want it as you dry it. Here's a card I made with the piece I dried with a heat tool:

I also spritzed it with pearlized water, mostly because I don't know when to stop. And if you see this as a Rorschach test, please tell me what you see. I'd love to know!

The other day, as I pressed my block to paper to make another background (I rarely make just one), I really REALLY liked how it looked through the acrylic block, so I thought I'd leave the block there -- not lift it up -- and let it dry in place to see what would happen. I set it aside and made other stuff. An hour or so later I checked it out and I loved what I saw!  This:

I think it looks kindof Monet-ish. Here is the card I made with it:

One down side of doing this is how wavy the paper gets after it dries. Even with foam tape it's all wavy on the card front. I might have to dismember it and tape it down all over. Another option is to put it under my Webster's Unabridged Dictionary for a while before putting it on the card front.

I will play with this some more, but it's exciting to think I might have invented something. Cheap thrills here in the Crooked household. :)

I followed the current ColourQ challenge colors, or what I have that's close to them:

I used Distress Salty Ocean, Peacock Feathers, Scattered Straw and Festive Berries.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Miscellaneous washi tape (to hold the paper to the board), misc black card stock from the remnants pile, and the following:


  1. Rorschach test: I see a hand holding a tornado.

    These are fun backgrounds, and the simple sentiment is perfect for them.

  2. So cool. Thank you so much for joining us this week at the colourQ!

  3. I'm so happy to be in the company of such an accomplished inventor! I have no idea if you invented something so I'm going to pretend you did.

    Rorschach test: a sea turtle diving down only he's bleeding cuz some scrumbag harpooned him.

  4. Those are some very cool backgrounds. Thanks for sharing your technique and for joining us at colourQ. Oh and I see the hand holding the tornado too!

  5. Love those backgrounds...what about irioning it?

  6. Rorschach test: a lobster breeching the ocean surface, like a whale does.

    Ok, now, I think this is a fantabulous invention that you created! Love the look of the colors and your cards rock!

    And you've made me aware of a couple more distress inks that I need!

  7. Aren't you the clever one? I love it! I agree with Dixie's assessment - hand holding a tornado.

  8. These are fabulous...I really love your amazing style.


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