Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Cards

The last two crafty play date cards I have to share use two of the Simon Says Stamp Shape Parade dies. Here's one of them:

I had to cut the line of circles several times to get it right, because I'm not used to using dies that cut the panel all the way through. I AM trainable, with time. Since I had extra white circles, I stacked them in several places for some added dimension. Then I futzed around with the patterned papers until I got a decent smattering of color.

I insist on working on 4 x 5.25 panels, so naturally the row of circles slopped over the edges. No problem, said she. I put a piece of patterned paper behind the white layer and it was all better. :) After all that work, though, I managed to stamp the sentiment crooked. I KNOW! I just stamped it again on a white strip and covered up the bad one. Hopefully it looks like I meant to do that.

The second card uses the Diamond Parade die:

and ... well, it's a little different than the first one, mostly because I got confused and couldn't find the top piece of white. That's when I got the idea to make it yellow instead, and ... well, sigh. This problem child is very thick, and heavy, and also on foam tape. But hey, I stamped the sentiment pretty straight, so there's that.

I just need more practice with these dies. But in the end, I kinda like both of them, plus I've learned a lot so (in theory) I should have an easier time next time.

Have I mentioned how much I adore that sentiment set? Well, I do.

That's the end of the cards from my crafty play dates. Time to get cracking on some new stuff!

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  1. The patterned paper in the circles and diamonds is so pretty. I have the diamonds die but, as usual, I haven't used it yet.

  2. The dies are fun and I love your patterned paper filled results. Do you have the clouds too? Cuz we want to see them next. We meaning me and the mouse in my pocket.

  3. I just got those same two dies! Love what you did with them.

  4. might have to stop reading your blog for the rest of the day... i'm getting TOO MANY cool ideas to try!!! (also, i kind of want those cool dies now too!) YOWZA! <3


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