Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Crafty Day

I had another impromptu crafty day with friends on Sunday, and I packed in like five minutes, so I only brought a few things with the intent to actually USE them, and I did!

I pulled up some sketch challenges and selected this one from Clean & Simple:

I figured I'd disappear some pretty paper for the bottom and use various sentiments.

The first thing I did was take out my Lawn Fawn note cards that I got in every color. I took one of each color, cut off the center fold, then cut each of the two sides on a diagonal, giving me four pieces of polka dot paper in five different colors, so I could make 20 cards. Got all that? Here's one of the cards, then I'll explain:

That yellow piece is one of four pieces I got from a single yellow polka dotted card. By cutting each side on an angle, I got two pieces. I made four of this yellow Happy Birthday. These four are the only ones I made the correct size, too, but more on that in a moment.

I took a piece of the striped paper from the Lawn Fawn Let's Polka 6x6 pad and cut thin strips for the sides of my panels, then mounted the panels on white card bases.

I used the Simon Says Stamp Friendship Messages stamp set, so it was easy to switch up the greetings on the 20 cards.

Here's another one:

Different color dotted paper, different sentiment, but same idea. All the rest of my cards came out the size of this panel. With the I Love You sentiment, I couldn't decide where to put it, so I didn't decide; I tried several different spots and just changed up the embellishments. The one above has the sentiment centered, and this next one has it to the right:

And here's one with the sentiment to the left:

I had a piece of Hero Arts Punch paper out that I used to die-cut some hearts. So easy.

Here's one with another sentiment:

I got lucky that this one fit, since I'd hacked the front panels and they were very small. Here's one in another color:

Once I had the polka dot pieces cut and layered on white panels, adding the sentiments was very easy. Here's another one:

And the same sentiment with a different color polka dot piece:

For this one I went all crazy and die-cut a heart out of Pool paper.

Did you notice the dotted line across each diagonal? I had my new Paper Smooches Stitched dies with me, and after I'd cut all the polka dotted panels on the diagonal, I ran each of them through the Big Shot with one of the dies. It just embossed that stitched line, and it looks a bit cleaner to me that way.

I made 19 of these card fronts on Sunday, and shocked my friends when I said, "Okay, that's 19." tee hee I added the strips to the sides and put them on card bases today, so technically I only made 19 card fronts yesterday.  No, not 20, just 19. One of the grey diagonal panels met with an unfortunately placed piece of tape and was lost to us. So sad, but I'll still take 19!

These will go into a box for OWH along with some others I made that I'll show you in separate posts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Miscellaneous sequins, and the following:


  1. 19 cards! WOW! I’m going to have to get that sentiment set. Enabler. Your card design shows off the sentiments perfectly.

  2. 19 cards??!?! that'd be like a MONTH for me!!! sooooo totally jealous of your fun crafty playdate! not that i think i'd actually get anything MADE during one, but i'd enjoy the social aspect and watching other ppl make 19 cards!!! :) :) :)

  3. Such a versatile design, and dots.

  4. Absolutely love how you made such a variety!!! So awesome!

  5. Absolutely love how you made such a variety!!! So awesome!

  6. Wait.... back up a minute. Paper Smooches has a stitched die now?! Forget everything else, I gotta check that out. I love all the stitched die stuff that is hot right now but it's also all sold out now. This one is sold out too but PS is up the street from me (2 hours) and they might have some. I love all your cards. This is what my friend wanted me to do for her--a bunch of quick and easy similar cards with different greetings. It sounds easy and doable right up until someone asks you to do it. The strips of stripes along the side... I thought that was baker's twine on that first card, like stitched in. I have too much of that stuff too. It is not and has not been as fun as washi.


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