Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thrilled For You

This is a second card I made for the current CAS(E) This Sketch! challenge:

I wanted to try flowers since I so rarely use flowers, and this is what came out:

They look a bit disembodied, don't they? Sigh. Perhaps not my best plan, but I did color the flowers, so there's that. :)

Oh, a simple tip for cutting washi tape, especially since this one was very narrow to start with: tear off a strip and stick it down to your paper trimmer. There are lines on your trimmer, and if *I* can get it straight most of the time, so can you. Once it's stuck down, just slice. Easy peasy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Miscellaneous red card stock and black washi tape, and the following:


  1. How do I not have plain black washi tape??? Is it the chalkboard stuff or just regular old black? Anyway, the sketch card is filled with Target logos, so somehow kitty litter would have to be on my card because I associate Target with kitty litter even though we now buy it at Petsmart. Actually I haven't bought kitty litter in forever. That's hubs job. And yes, your flowers do look a bit beheaded, but you did color them... great colors even.

  2. Such a cool look...the floating flowers.

  3. Love the bold colours and the graphic feel of your design! Really great card! Thanks for joining us at Case this Sketch!

  4. Oh, this is so fun & pretty! Great take on the sketch!

  5. Plain black washi tape? What?? I must get some of that. That would save me SO much cardstock. I don't think the flowers look disembodied at all, I love the way you separated the stem and the flower head.


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