Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SOS #160: Can't Put It Down (or Away)

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week we ask you to use something you can't seem to put down, or put away. Something you are using a LOT lately.

In my world, I seem to be using the watercolor technique where you ink up an acrylic block and stamp it onto water color paper to make a background. I'm loving the mini Distress ink pads for doing the inking, too.

Here is my latest creation with that technique:

I used Evergreen Bough, Salty Ocean, and Seedless Preserves mini ink pads, misted the inked block, and stamped it on some Distress water color paper. Then I dried it with a heat tool.

Because my acrylic block was already inky, I inked it up again and repeated the process to make this one:

No matter how many times you ink the block and stamp it, the background color won't come out the same way twice, which is kinda fun, actually. :)

Then, just to see what would happen, I stamped the block on a new piece of water color paper without re-inking it -- just misted what ink was left on it. It was very light in color, so I turned the acrylic block around and pressed it onto the paper a second time. This is what came out:

All the same colors are there, just very soft. I like this one, too!

That's my "can't put it down/away": acrylic block, Versamark + mini Distress inks, and water color paper. What's yours? I think you should come play over at SOS!

Oh, and don't forget: there's one day left to play in our Bonus Challenge with the Jingle Belles!


  1. These are awesome and pretty much my fav play technique at the moment - I'm using the reverse stenciling technique though, not a block. Of course now that I know about the block, I'll be trying that next. :)

  2. OOOH!! Look at the pretty cards! Love the look of your cards, Leslie. What a great technique to try!

  3. holy wow! i HAVE all the stuff you used and i UNDERSTOOD what you just said! i could actually go and DO this technique! & i think i will... kthxbai!!! (seriously, these are SOOOOO fab!) :)

  4. That's a fab technique! Like Lauren I have all that stuff and understood the concept - will have to give it a try!!
    Gorgeous backgrounds!

  5. I like the last one best with the soft mottled color. It is fun no matter what though.

    Doing this technique is on my to-do list someday. It's the misting of water with runny colors around the wooden desk that makes me leery. I had that beaten (not literally) into me as a child. No liquid on the wood furniture!

  6. Love the colors you've used...this is such a wonderful technique! Beautiful!

  7. I NEED to clean my big acrylic block so I can try this! They've all turned out beautifully and indeed, different every time. Love it as a sky background for the tree!


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