Saturday, July 19, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

People who know me know I have zero interest in fashion, and couldn't name a designer if my life depended on it. I tend to look at runway images as so much WTH?!?! I've known about the Runway Inspired Challenge for some time, but it just wasn't on my radar much. I might have played once prior to this.

When I saw the current Runway Challenge:

I actually had an idea. And no, I've never heard of the designer. I am a walking Land's End and L.L.Bean catalog advertisement. Although I will say this is one of the more conservative, and (in my opinion) wearable things I've seen lately.

Here's my card that was inspired by the image, then I'll explain:

The layers in her skirt gave me the idea for scalloped layers, and the pattern made me think of this piece of SU paper I now have in my Heaplet, the result of the Card Stock Re-Org. The ribbon is there as a divider between the scalloped layers and the white, which was so white I had to add some scored lines to make the twitching stop. Afterwards, I realized what a happy accident that was, as her top has vertical lines on it. :)

For the sentiment, I broke out my Simon Says Stamp Tiny Tags stamps and dies and cut into another of the Heaplet papers to make the two blue flags. The brad is from forever ago when I bought them by the hundreds because they match SU card stock.

Let this be a lesson to you: Just because you live in jeans and polo shirts doesn't mean you can't look at fashion to get fun ideas for cards. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used, SU patterned paper, SU Soft Sky card stock, SU 1/8" Calypso Coral organza ribbon, Pink Hedgehog Paper Crafts brad (Sand) [I can't find their web site, so they may have closed their doors.], and the following:


  1. This is a beautful. we think s little bit alike...I judt posed a card on my blog a little bit ago using a scallop border

  2. My first time playing with this challenge, too. Something about that dress just called to me. Love what you did with it!!

  3. You are so funny...I loved reading about your lack of fashion, I think you are like most of us. Your card is just as adorable as the dress, I love the layered scallops.

  4. Loved reading how you arrived at this beauty Leslie! I am exactly the same about fashion designers - couldn't name one, but really enjoy the Runway Inspired Challenge! Thanks for playing along ;-)

  5. Just between you 'n me (and everyone else who reads this comment)--That outfit is hideous! Of course I'm no expert. I shop at JC Penney at the dead mall because I have a JCP credit card and the dead mall is rarely crowded. Today's outfit is brown pants from the dude section cuz the chick section didn't have brown pants. Dudes get better pockets than chicks... just saying.

    But your card... now that is not hideous. I love the scalloped bottom and I thought you did the score lines on purpose to mimic her top. You a great job of making a nifty card from a lousy inspiration photo.

  6. I love how you have take the layers from the RIC photo and interpreted on your card. Great take on RIC. Thanks for playing along :)


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