Thursday, July 10, 2014

CASEing Jennifer McGuire

Most of you know by now that I rarely CASE a card 100%. I try to do something different to make an idea my own. Well, in this case (hahahaha, so punny) I started with this card by Jennifer McGuire and tried to change it up. I should know better than to CASE one of the best there is. Sigh.

Here's my version of her card, then I'll explain:

First of all, it was more difficult for me to get those white circles to be white than Jennifer made it look in her video . Next time I might go with a white spray or something. Or else it was operator error, which very well could be the case. (snort, I did it again.)

She used Audrey Blue card stock from Simon Says Stamp, where I used Hero Arts Tide, so maybe they take the white ink differently. I also did the sun differently than she did, and used a random button for the (almost) center of mine, which kept me in my comfort zone of pool + yellow + red. I seem to be stuck there.

I die-cut the "sunshine" word from a piece of patterned paper, and several more times out of white, then stacked them for some dimension. I lost the dot from the "i" so I colored a pearl to use in its place. I also didn't add any glitter since I was going to send this to OWH, but the button is too fat, ergo it will have to go to someone else, sans glitter. So I guess I was inspired by her card.

I kinda like mine, as those white circles are very subtle. And it was quite fun to add the hearts over the white circles. I might play with this idea some more to see what else I can do. It's all about being inspired to play, right? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Miscellaneous button, crochet thread, and the following:


  1. Your look is a lovely tone on tone. I dig the colorway as well.

  2. I think yours is lovely. The softer white circles are very pretty.

  3. It came out awesomely well. Love that little pearl for the i dot.

  4. I like that your circles aren't white but are subtle. I thought the white circles distracted from the stenciling and the card in general. That's just my non art trained eye talking though. And the rain is now completely gone. It's too quiet.


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