Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Bad Driver, and UHC # 15

Things are always busy in my life - always something going on. Monday (that would be yesterday) when I checked my mail I had a little package. I LOVE prezzies! Though usually it is something I've bought, but still ...

Imagine my glee when the package contained this:

This is my new Crackberry case, hand-made for moi by fernfiddlehead. Fernfiddlehead is one of my Tweeps, and she makes cloth envelopes for the Mac Book, sleeves for the iPod, and (because I asked) the Crackberry. On Twitter she was telling us how she got some cool men's suiting fabric and some shirting fabric, and was going to make some new envelopes out of them in combination. Next thing you know, I owned a custom Crackberry case! So if you know anyone looking for a case for their phone or mini laptop, check out her etsy store! Quality schtuff!!!

I had the third of three Stamp Camps last night, and this is kitty helping. Don't know what I'd do without her. Poor thing had no clue that she was destined for her annual Vet appointment this morning for her scheduled pokes, plus I have the Vet clip her hind claws (she will only let me do the front ones). He also checked out her front ones, and took care of two almost-ingrown nails. Hey, if she snaps at me, I stop clipping, and I must have missed them. He said everything checks out well, and the nails were the worst thing. Glad that's over with. I was a mess! Oh, she was, too. Could not WAIT to get back into her carrier! Poor thing.

This afternoon, a friend and I went to Angela's (the LSS in Reston, VA). We both had ordered stuff, plus, well, you just never know what you might find that you NEED. I picked up (among other things) the makings for this card:

I think she is a hoot! This is another of my truly 'fusion' cards. Witch is by A Muse; Brick wall is by Hanna Stamps; sentiment is by Eat Cake Graphics; card stock by SU; Cream ink from PTI; markers for coloring the witch are Copics. I love it when I can put stuff together like this!

Next we have a timely Under-Appreciated Holiday card. Today I bring you "Talk Like A Pirate Day", which is celebrated annually on September 19th.

FINALLY, I got to break out my Cornish Heritage Farms "Ahoy Matey" set that I bought last year, just so I could use it for 9/19. I love Kim Hughes' images! Perfect for irreverent sentiments. They are cute, but still a little leery, if you know what I mean. :-)

The yellow and white scraps, as well as the green card base (also from The Heap) are all SU; Images from Ahoy, Matey by CHF; patterned papers by Basic Grey (Lime Rickey, I believe).

So yeah - I am back in the stampin' saddle and ready to ink up a few more of my new stamps. Hopefully I'll have something to share with you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOL..love these images...and kitty looks so cute.

  2. STOP IT! A brick wall stamp!? I want a brick wall stamp! How hilarious is this?

    You make me smile!

    This totally made my day!

    Dreena (@prairiepaperie)

  3. Yep, it is Lime Rickey. VERY cute parrot.

    BEST Halloween card EVER :)


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