Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Mostly Monsta Day

This evening I bring you another mess. Once again, my work space has been reduced to about 6 square inches. It is sad.

Today I worked on some monsta cards. I got the My Favorite Things Monsters Ink set a few months ago, and recently picked up one sheet (one sheet* - I know!) of some really cute monsta paper, and my plan for today was to make some monsta cards, which I mostly did.

I stamped several of the images together - 6 images, 3 images at a time, 4 times each = 24 images. I then cut them out, one at a time, with serious hand cramping in between sessions which necessitated several breaks. A stamper's life is not all fun and games, people. Here you can see my little piles of monstas, all cut out and waiting for me to get a clue.

Here is my 6th or 7th trial layout of the first card. I ran the blue layer (Buckeroo Blue, I think) through the Big Shot with a Cuttlebug folder to match the circles on the patterned paper. (Isn't that paper too cute?! Feel free to click on the pic to get a good gander at it.) I colored a few of the images with my Copics and tried to place the monstas so they did not cover up the printed monstas.

The Happy Birthday sentiment is Hero Arts, and it is probably one of the first stamps I ever bought. I still love it! It fits almost ANYwhere on a card!

Here is the first monsta card I finished. I made three of this flavor. Each one is a little different based on what monsta images I did not want to cover up. All the cut-out-and-colored monstas are on dimensionals or parts of dimensionals (for the thinner parts). Their legs and arms and tails are swinging in the breeze, though.

The obligatory ribbon is a really skinny one from my pre-stamping days stash of Every Color Skinny Ribbon stowed in my cross stitch supply cabinet.

This is the second flavor of the monsta card, and I'll make three of this version, too.

I have several left-over monstas that will be made into cards that I'll have to show you tomorrow, or whenever I get around to making them.

Lest you think this is ALL I did today - well, it pretty much was. Sometimes stamping is hard. I did make 9 more of the Vintage Lady cards like this one, so that sucked up most of my morning, but other than that, yeah, pretty much a monsta day. And laundry.

Speaking of which, I need to go run the dryer now. Thanks for stopping by!

* The 'old' me would buy two sheets of every paper I liked. Or three, but never less than two. In my effort to cut down on the growing stash, I now limit myself to one sheet, unless I already have plans for its use, which is almost never. So that's how I have only one sheet of this monsta paper. And now it is gone.


  1. Cute! I've looked at this set several times, but not sure about it. I really like your "flavor" :)

  2. I still come by here all the time and you still make pretty cards.

  3. One sheet?? Wow. You're a good girl.


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