Sunday, September 6, 2009

World's Ugliest Card

Could someone please send me the link for the World's Ugliest Card Contest? Because I think this one will win:

OMG, this is terrible. It has at least 5 different blues on it, all wrong! In fact, there is nothing RIGHT about this card!

It all started with that scrap of dotted paper I found on the floor in The Other Room, and went downhill from there.

The REALLY sad part of this? I spent the better part of the day working on it! Not at one sitting, oh, no. I kept getting distracted. I'd get up to look for paper in The Other Room, and instead of looking for paper, I'd hang a few more Bygel rails and rearrange some of my punches. Then I'd be thirsty and go to the kitchen for some water, notice the broiler pan in the sink, decide to wash it, think I was hungry, have some bread and butter, then wander back into the Living Room, still thirsty, and with no paper for the card. My WHOLE DAY went like this.

Sigh. But I did get those Bygel rails hung. See:

Well, a few more. I have two left, and they cannot be hung until I go BACK to the hardware store for more screws and anchors. Apparently my Handyman assumed wrong when he assumed every wall in every house HAD to have a stud in the corner, because mine does not. Instead of the carefully counted wood screws, I needed to use more of the carefully counted drywall screws with anchors, so now I do not have enough for the remaining rails.

But THAT'S OKAY, because I had a brilliant idea for using the rails for another organization scheme. I am going to hang the bottom rail on the right a bit higher and get the S-hooks to ... hang my Ribbon Originals cards-of-ribbon so I can SEE them and maybe USE them some time. One of those Clip-N-Store carousels is like $65 and takes up surface area, where this will be way less money and hang off a rail on my wall. Genius, I say, genius!

Also I realized I need a 12-step program for these dang punches! I did some quick calculating, and they will not all fit on these 8 rails. Sigh ... Some will need to remain in the closet storage for now. Baby steps.

I am excited about my idea for the Ribbon Originals storage! I sure hope that works out. It HAS to be better than what I have now, which is boxes of the stuff all over the place, so I forget what I even HAVE. Yeah, this will be so much better.

Okay, that ugly card took it out of me today. I think I'll clean up in here a little then hit the hay.

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  1. I've made worse... there is something oddly endearing about it. My great grandmother would love the elephant, and the blue is vibrant... just what a birthday card is supposed to be

  2. Okay - that is NOT the world's ugliest card - I love it!! And I pine for that set anyway!!!

    I LOVE your punch storage also - I'm jealous.

    And the s-hook idea is brill.

  3. Sorry about laughing at your hot digits yesterday. I did not mean to make light of your situation.
    It is just that I truley never know what to expect when I pop in. Certainly not expect to see you with your finges in a bowl of fake milk.
    Perhaps the fire in your fingerprints set off bad mojo and helped to produce the blue elephant.
    Blue IS a cool color you know. ( just ask Lydia)Your ten little ones just needed more cooling off.


  4. Cream cheese and pineapple? Really?

    While uh, not your best card, it's certainly not the ugliest one out there! See the ugly card thread on SCS:

  5. Girl that is NOT the ugliest card--by far...but omg I almost peed myself for your description of the creating of such card. HILarious!
    So glad to have met you on fairly crack me up!


  6. mmm.. I have to agree, this is not the ugliest card. I've made some serious fugly in my time and this is actually quite good. I love that there's blues and i'm very drawn to that dotted paper. It's quite charming actually.

    Maybe we should have a fugly card contest every now and again...that could be fun! Or a fugly exchange...oh the horrors..(i could be feverish right now and might regret all of these ideas

    I LOVE your rails. I might actually covet your rails. Those are swanky. I want me some rails too! Very nice!



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