Thursday, September 3, 2009

Box It Up!

I got kitty a new toy this week, since all of her old ones are lost forever - under the couch, behind the entertainment unit (yes, I still have one ... leave me alone!), or buried in a closet somewhere. So it was time for a new one. I do not think there is enough cat nip in this one, though, as she did not roll on it much. It is refillable - like it will not be lost before it needs to be refilled....

ANYway, it kept her busy for a few moments while I played with one of my new SU dies - the Fancy Favor box. I told myself I do not NEED a box die because I do not make boxes. I am not a 3D girl at all. I used to make boxes for my Holiday craft shows, but I got tired of them not selling very well, and then carting them around and having to store them for a year, so I gave it up.

But I wanted to try this:

I took one of the SU wooden sheets and cut it with the favor box die. If I had only turned the wood sheet the right way, the score lines would have come out a little cleaner, but it was a fine first try.

I stuffed in a fancy piece of tissue paper from my stash, tied a piece of holiday twill around the box - done!

Please ignore the ragged corner - that's the result of the poor die-cutting job. I promise to do better next time.

Here is the same box die made out of a miscellaneous piece of 12x12 red card stock.

Here is how I attached the other end of the gold cord on the inside of the box - I just tied it to one of the brads!

And here's some fuzzy details of the tag. I punched the Modern Label punch from one of the window sheets and stamped the sentiment in StazOn. I used my paper piercer to punch the holes for the brads.

That's all I have for you today - some boxes. The old mojo is waning, again, but I have about 4 orders from SU still unpacked, so I am sure there is SOMEthing in there to inspire me. Soon. I hope.

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  1. These are BRILLIANT!!! I can't believe the wood doesn't break! What do you mean the right way? And was it facing up or down?

    I LOVE the red one!!

    And S&M have that same little froggy kong and they love him! He's so soft!!!

  2. I AM a 3-D girl, more that than a card girl. I want wood!

    You know what I mean. I really like that embossed piece you showed us earlier. The wood gives it such a nice texture and it almost looked like it had a patina- very cool!

  3. Okay all of the amazing wood stuffs aside....i'm freaking out about the little printed acetate tag! How cute is that?

  4. well, i am semi-3D... (by which i mean, i make stuff via convoluted "wing it" ways since i am allergic to written instructions!) ...and i think you've done VERY well indeed! that red one is downright glorious with it's fancy-schmancy ornament and cool acrylic tag!!! :)


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