Saturday, September 26, 2009

Market Update - Fall Has Arrived!

'Twas a lovely, cloudy, cool, breezy day today for our market. Once again, Farmer Mike set up leaving me lotsa room for my schtuff, and he had a nice 'wall' of bins to keep people from trying to climb over me to get at the veggies. He is sweet like that.

Here's my set-up - same old same-old.

Since Fall is in full swing now, I brought out my gourd. Farmer Mike's Mom makes these, and I bought it several years ago. She is all dressed up for the occasion. ;-)

And ahhhhh, the food. I have to sit near the bakery all day, so I thought I'd show you what I had for lunch - one of these cheese rolls. They are full of air, and sooooo yummy!

These sugar cookies came home with me, as did a loaf of Rosemary Bread I plan to use for my Panzanella Salad I am going to make next week for work. We are having a Grill & Salad cook-off, and I hope the fresh-from-the-market salad (mine) wins!

That tri-colored cookie came home with me, too. I plan to call it 'dinner'.

At the rock table, we have (had) these two little Love Birds. Or, as the Rock Lady suggested, she is nagging him. Either way, I went back later, and they were gone, so either they flew away, or someone bought them!

This frog is really cute, too! Oh, my, and look at the smiling, napping kitteh behind it!

Then this little lady rode in. Check out that costume! I have no idea why she was wearing it today, but she was adorable!

Her Dad kept trying to get her to look at this cute hat, but all she wanted was for me to take her picture. :-)

Towards the end of the day, Farmer Mike gave me a lesson in peppers. These are all sweet peppers, but I learned they are also all the same variety of pepper, just in different stages of growth. Moving from left to right are the colors the peppers change through as they mature. You can kindof see the purple-to-yellow in the second one, then the yellow-to-red in the third one. I learn something pretty much every day at the market, which is why I love it so.

Just about closing time, I happened by the table of one of the jewelers and spotted this necklace. Since I only wear polo shirts any more, I do not wear necklaces, but this one spoke to me. Probably because it is green, and does not have a large focal-point stone on it. I put it on, and it was mine. Got the matching earrings, too. THOSE I will wear. Now that my hair is longer I can tolerate the longer earrings.

Sales-wise, today was GREAT! I had two really good sales and several smaller ones that added up to a terrific over-all day. I actually took in more than I spent! Woo-hoo!

One of the funniest things someone said to me was when they were looking at my card that says "Objects under shirt are larger than they appear." She turned to me and asked if I had one that said "Objects inside pants ..." Uh, no, but OMG, too funny!

The rain did not begin until about 20 minutes before we were ready to close, so the timing was perfect. Right now, as I sit here on the couch typing, it is cool and breezy, with a steady rain falling outside the open sliding door. I think I'll need to go create something before I drift off and nap, after which I'd be up all night! Cannot have that!

I hope to have something crafty to show you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you had a great day! That food looks so yummy! We had a great day at the park today.

  2. I always love reading your market update posts. :)

  3. You sure have a way of making that food look good. Gotta go get me a cooky, now. - g


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