Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Playing Around

Good evening, my beloved three (maybe four) readers. Doesn't she look comfy? A perfect excuse for me to delay folding those towels. (Please ignore the blue Cuttlebug die & folder storage bag...)

This evening I have nothing finished to show you, but I do have a lot of parts-is-parts, and things that, in theory, could become a card some day if I ever get a clue, so I thought I'd share. All of these feature the new SU Sweet Treat Cups and the new Sweet Centers stamp set. I am trying to figure out a project for this month's Stamp Camps, but I may just have a bunch of samples. Maybe. So let us begin.

This is a sample of the clear Sweet Treat Cup just stuck on to one of the stamp images. Since it is clear, you can stick it on the outside of the image and the words show through. Kinda boring, but it works.

Here is one I played with using just some of the new Christmas DS papers. The hole is punched with the 1 3/4" Circle punch, which perfectly fits the plastic cup (or should I say "in which the plastic cup perfectly fits"). I put some left-over fake snow inside. It has possibilities.

Then I thought about filling it with candy, like a lot of other people have done. These are Skittles, and just used as something with which to work. Personally, I think Jelly Bellies would be perfect, or Halloween-colored M&Ms, neither of which I can find without mail-order.

The problem with filling the cup with anything is getting it lined up, since the BACK of the cup's circle has the sticky on it. And we all know how much luck I have lining things up without that added complication. So I thought to use a piece of acetate behind the cup. It is clear, and would allow me to mess with the cup all I want once it is filled.

So here is the punched-out image (on the left) and the filled cup (on the right).

The opening is 1 3/4", so I cut a 2" square out of the new patterned acetate and stuck it to the back of the cup.

See? I can pick it up and no spillage!

And here it is nestled comfortably in its punched-out covering. If I had any ideas of what to do next, I would have no problem moving that cup around all I needed to.

Next up I tried the Balloon Basket. Apparently I have a real problem stamping this image. But THAT'S OKAY. Look:

See how nicely the 1 3/4" punch not only fits the image, but totally cuts off all evidence of that horrible stamping job I did. Phew!

And here is the acetate-backed cup in place. I did have to trim the vanilla piece back so the punch would fit, but I'll work on that.

Now, if you have an aversion to spiders, CLOSE YOUR BROWSER NOW!!! Following is the result of a 'heh heh' moment I had tonight at Michael's. I was looking for Halloween confetti, but none was to be found. Then I found a bag of plastic rings, and I thought *insert evil laugh*: oooh, how creepy!

Ta da!!!!

Okay, that's all I have for this evening. See? No actual cards. I really need to work on what to do with all these parts.

I hope you sleep well and do not dream of spideys.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. brilliant use of the acetate! I'm so excited to do this.

    I love the different things you put in the treat cups! Spidey is cool. THanks for sharing!

  2. Chevy, the cat, says that you should never EVER disturb a feline while napping! And she says that this spot looks VERY comfortable.

  3. I don't have time today to leave comments on all the posts I've missed while being out with the swine flu, but I've looking at them all :) As usual you have entertained me and made me laugh :) I needed that (apart from the mad coughing fit brought about by laughing too hard). Personally I love the spider the best....this definitely needs to be a proper card...with a suitable irreverent sentiment of course.
    I missed your blog while I was sick, but I'm back now :)

  4. cool card-cup shaker thingies!!! those SU people are just sooooo flippin' clever, aren't they?!

    i have to say that spider one is just downright creepy and WEEEEEEEEIRD: so OF COURSE it is my favorite!!! :)


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