Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Sassy Cards

Inspiration: it is everywhere. Several of my Tweeple have been chatting about Graphic 45 papers the past few days, and I remembered I had several pieces I picked up this past Spring. It is not my usual 'thing', but I'd seen some cards made with it, and I wanted to try stepping out of my box a little.

This is the piece in question. Stylish ladies, they are! I thought I'd cut out each of the separate images to maximize how far I can make this paper go.

Here's the card I made using one of the pieces. The base is Ruby Red; the layer is Textured Soft Suede, and the sentiment is stamped on regular Soft Suede.

When I saw that sentiment at Angela's yesterday, it made me think about a few of my Tweeps talking about what color nail polish they get with their pedicures. And a few are addicted to Starbuck's, so you see, I had to get the stamp. (BTW, Angela had an awesome pedicure and polish job herself! With the Philadelphia Eagles mascot painted on her big toe nail!)

I also picked up this sentiment yesterday and paired it with one of my favorite ladies. Back when *I* was a kid, my parents used to say, "Don't make me come up there!" This is the 21st Century's answer to that threat. I guess parents just text their kids these days ...

I stepped out of my little comfort zone with this card, too, by using orange and red together. And NO RIBBON! (gasp). It's not like I didn't try. I have a spool of orange ribbon with a red edge (Lollipop, I think it's called), but it was too bright of an orange. Even *I* know when to give it up. At least I got some ribbon on that first card. ;-)

I started with the Basic Grey Lime Rickey paper, because, well, because it was still out. The card base is Dusty Durango and the scrap for her dress and for behind the sentiment is from my quarter of my Blog-i-versary papers. By the way, I am so very proud that I colored only her rollers pink this time, and left her ears flesh-toned.

Hey, that's two cards, two days in a row! Wowza! All I need to do is bag & tag these guys and they're ready for this weekend's market! I have lots more up my sleeve, though, which I hope to get to tomorrow.

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  1. Love those ladies (and the sentiment!)

    I am still achy and sore from my fall (mostly the ankle; knee hardly at all unless I touch it!), but SO much better than Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you in October :)

  2. oooh those are fab. I mean totally fab. I need that sentiment- actually both of them and that gorgeous paper.


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