Sunday, September 13, 2009


Have you ever run out of clean towels? Like bath towels? I've run out of clean undies in the past and had to resort to wearing back-up undies (and prayed I did not get into an accident where I'd end up at a hospital, unconscious, where strangers would see said back-up undies). I've run out of clean blue jeans, too, and had to resort to wearing chinos. But towels? Never.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I went to swap out the current towels for clean ones, and found my cupboard bare. Ah, must be in the dryer. Checked the dryer - it held my missing clean & dry undies. I put them away and pondered the disappearance of all those towels. I can go for weeks, people - WEEKS - without washing towels. How could I be OUT?! Ah, must be on the chair, aka: cat's nest. Okay, found two, but where are the rest? This place is too small to lose 10 towels.

Then it hit me: In an effort to reclaim the laundry room floor last weekend I put all the towels into the washer. Never washed them, just put them in there to get them off the floor. And there they still live, dirty and forgotten. Mystery solved. So today I had to run the washer full of towels before I could wash this week's clothing. Good lord, people, but I need a WIFE!

Okay, moving on ...

Considering I do not 'do' Halloween, I find it interesting that the first thing I grabbed this evening was my new Boo stamp from SU and some retired Halloween DSP. I loved this paper, but the hoarding gene had not kicked in yet, so I am using the last of my supply. I might get another season out of it, but it will be sad when it's gone.

Oh, and in case you follow me on Twitter, I am the person who asked when Green & Purple became 'traditional' Halloween colors. I always thought the traditional colors were Black & Orange. I never got that memo, I guess.

So tonight I bring you two versions of the same card.

These cards are mostly scraps except for the virgin spiderweb DS paper I used and 5 of the 6 card bases. Even the strips of DSP were already cut; I just made them the right length. The cards have Pumpkin Pie bases; Perfect Plum under the strip of DSP; and Pumpkin Pie and Old Olive circles layered under the Boo stamp, which was stamped on white scraps. I am also using up the end of a spool of black grosgrain ribbon.

This is the same card with just a different piece of the DSP.

I stamped and prepped 12 of the little ghosties, because that's what fit on the scraps I was using. There was absolutely NO planning done in that effort. So after these six cards are made, I'll have six of the ghosties left over. I've thought about adding a black scallop behind the orange circle and making some Peppermint Patty sammies to sell at the market. We'll see.
I just noticed I forgot to color in the little pumpkins. I was gonna use my Pumpkin Pie marker to do that, but I forgot. Still time ... still time ...

That is all I have for this evening. I think I might go to bed around 8 pm tonight. I am that tired.

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  1. Very cute. I LOVE that SU paper, and I never bought any. Biggest regret of my stamp supply life. Glad to see you have a little left so I can live vicariously through your creations :) BG is coming out with "Eerie"...that will satisfy me!!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I cased your fabulous card from last year ....

    Shanah Tovah!


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