Saturday, September 19, 2009

Market Update (Fall has arrived!)

As you can see, it was a glorious day today for the market. I do not know how to alter a photo to make the sky that blue - trust was that blue all by itself.

Farmer Mike was absent today - he got a better offer in his neck of the woods. No, really, he attended his County Fair this weekend, so we had a big open behind us today.

It was pretty breezy when we first set up, so it was rubber bands all around for my card rack.

Our little beverage vendors had a new flavor of Gatorade, and its name begged to be photographed. They had not tried it, so I bought them one to try. The verdict was it was not as sweet as the regular berry variety, but they did not like it, so I got to drink most of the bottle. The major difference between regular berry and this one is the ingredients: regular has artificial flavor and sweeteners, and this one has NO artificial anything. Probably why the kids did not like it.

The Rock Lady had some well-presented olives today, both small ...

... and large.

And check out her shirt! Doesn't that money look real? Yeah, like people at a farmers market would have 100-dollar bills. But they fooled me at first, pre-caffeine. :-)

MaryBeth has her hats out. Aren't they pretty?

I had to sit next to THESE all day and smell them and watch people buying them and just KNOWING they were there. Utter torture, I tell you!

These are Panuela(s), which (I just learned) is Spanish for 'scarf'. They kinda look like scarves, dontcha think?

Then one of my friends stopped by with this little number for me. She knows FULL WELL I sit next to a bakery for 5 hours, but she still brought me this Cherry Crumble, and it was really very thoughtful of her to do so. I think I will call it 'dinner'.

This is traditional challah. By the way, Happy New Year 5770!

But then I saw this, which they told me is the challah, but shaped differently - like a humongous cinnamon roll! I, of course, HAD to own one, and yep - it is a challah. Yum!

This little fellow came through - OMG, what a cutie! He is 9 weeks old. Cockapoo. Soooooo cute!

After all that sugar and bread, I decided I needed to ingest a more natural form of sugar, so I got some pears from one of the farmers. Look how tiny!

One of the high points of my day (besides my 5 sales) was watching this van back up and not hit the parked bike. You will notice the bike is legally parked, and directly under the "no parking beyond this point" sign. I ask you: what part of that was not clear to the driver of this van? I tell you, just deputize me so it is legal, and I will work for free!!! I have asked; they will not let me do it.

On a different note, the crafter who made my bat bracelet also works for (or supports) one of our local animal rescues. Most people think they have squirrels and cute baby animals there, and maybe they do. But her thing is vultures. That's right: vultures. In her words, a much-maligned but necessary part of our food chain. She has a bumper sticker on her car that says she stops for road kill. When I asked why, she said she moves it out of the street to protect the vultures. Uh-huh.

So she has several stuffed vultures on her display table, and she also brings her beads and charms to work while she sits at her table. Today, since Farmer Mike was not around to entertain them, she had the beverage kids stringing beads for ... the vultures.

They made this necklace!

And this one! So cute!

So I sold several cards today - maybe 5 or 6. One of them was my Nautical card that HAD to be made last year. Sometimes I just HAVE to make a certain card, but it would appeal to such a small segment of the population, and that small segment would need to magically appear at my market and look at my cards for it to be appreciated, so you see I have NO expectations of actually SELLING a card like that.

Today a couple stopped by looking for some thank you notes, maybe nautical. Well, I did not have any nautical ones, but since I thought they would appreciate it, I whipped out my, um, "A Little Out There" nautical-themed card. It is a simple card with three nautical flag images on it. Each nautical flag represents a letter of the alphabet in addition to having meaning to other sailors who might see it. In my case, I would have to look up their meaning, but I can tell you the three letters represented are W, T and F. Yes, WTF. They loved it and bought it, then asked me to make some Thank You cards for them. :-)

So that was my day at the market. I came home to a box at my door - some stuff I'd ordered and forgotten about. Dies.

Yes, dies. These are for graduation cards.

These were too stinkin' cute to pass up.

These have much potential.

And finally these two. The dragonfly was necessary because someone suggested I needed to make dragonfly magnets in addition to my crabs, as dragonflies are all the rage, and I always do what people suggest. And the one for Chanukkah. Those 9 candles look challenging, though. I also ordered a pig, which is the one I REALLY wanted, but it is back-ordered, of course.

Also in the box is a new stash of magnets so I can finish organizing my Nestabilities collection.

OKAY, that's about it for today. I hope to stamp something tomorrow. I have another piece of 12x12 paper out and will force myself to use it. Scary, but it must be done. I bought more last week, and I must use at least one piece of the old stuff before I put away the new stuff. I love making up rules for myself. I get to break them whenever I want! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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