Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Cards and Blathering

I am beginning to see a pattern with the cat. She must be ON me or NEXT to me at all times. I worry she is getting old and needy (needier). I'd rather think she is spoiled by me not leaving town last weekend and getting to vegetate with me for two extended weekends in a row. Yeah, that's it, she is stinkin' spoiled.

In this shot I think she is just this side of comatose. I can shove her over a little so I fit on the couch, and she may open a eye to glare at me. Such a tough life.

I did manage to actually stamp something the past few days, though nothing normal, for me, anyway. By now you know I do not 'do' a lot of things - Christmas, Easter. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, baby cards - yeah, pretty much everything. So yesterday I posted a Valentine's Day card, and today I bring you ... baby cards! I KNOW! You are on the right blog, I am just out of my element.

On to the baby cards. I spied this piece of paper in the new SU Sweet Pea paper stack, and thought it would work for a baby card. A little busy, but I like non-traditional. If I am going to step outside my comfort zone, I want to mix it up a little to make it "me".

This is all SU. The lion is from Fox & Friends, the sentiment is from Teeny Tiny Wishes. Ribbon is the new Vanilla Satin (YUMMY STUFF!).

What's cool about this paper is I used Rose Red and Pretty In Pink for the 'girl' card, and with a second piece cut from the same sheet of 12x12, this is how it looks with Taken With Teal and Sahara Sand:

I love all the colors that are matchy-matchy with this paper pack! Even *I* can pull off not one, but TWO baby cards in one sitting. Amazing stuff, I know.

Lessee, what else can I blather about to you? I went through my boxes of Farmers Market cards and pulled out all my 'old designs', put them in a flat rate mailing box, and will send them to a Cards For Soldiers group. This is a great cause which gives blank cards to deployed soldiers so they can have something to write in and send home to their families. It also thins out my inventory and makes room for new stuff for next season.

I also pulled out a bunch of cards that I'll be posting in my etsy store as time permits. I like having the store as an additional outlet for my cards, so they do not just sit in boxes all winter.

In other news, I am rethinking my Mass Production mode of operation. I like making one or two of something, then moving on to something else. Someone mentioned a one-of-a-kind card might be perceived as more special than one of several, and she may have a point. I might try that approach this year and see how it goes.

I also want to work my way into tiered pricing, which would enable me to use a more expensive element (like a hand-made button or a charm) on a card and charge a little more for it to recoup the additional cost of materials. A good friend had suggested tiered pricing to me many years ago, and I have been too lazy to work out the pricing, but now that I am buying more specialty things, it might be time to take that leap. This also works into the one-of-a-kind approach, as I would rarely have more than one of anything like hand-made buttons.

So we'll all see how this approach works out between now and March, which will be my first show of 2010. I'll have time to test-drive my theory and change course before the farmers' markets start up again in May. ;-) I always need a safety net.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Look, I'm not going to come here anymore and look at your stuff because I'm beginning to wonder just how you DO it, and that is mega-dangerous! Next thing, I'm going to ask you to teach me! ;)
    Lovely cards, Leslie. You rock.

  2. Cards for Soldiers is a great idea! Thanks - I'd forgotten.

    As for mass producing, you can still mass produce, thereby lowering your cost per card - but only put out one a time at shows to give the illusion of one of a kind. That sounds kind of manipulative now that I type it out, and it's not foolproof if you have repeat customers, but it will kinda sorta work sometimes. How's that for commitment to an idea??

    Love the non-traditional baby cards too!

  3. Your mojo is hot (past two posts as well as this one). I agree with Stefani.

    You know I do one-of-a-kind (using up stash, or just trying out something), but mass production is more time saving AND cost effective. I am currently somewhere in between, and that is working for me, since card sales are really down, even from last year at this time.


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