Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not Quite CASE #4

I called this post Not Quite CASE #4 because I am not quite happy with this CASEd project yet, so it is officially Not Done. It all started when I saw this post at Brenda's blog, and I just knew I'd found my Project #4 for this weekend.

It's just, well, I do not like the top of my box. I do not. The box itself was crazy-easy to make with Brenda's template and instructions, but the top, well, I get stuck when I do not 100% CASE. I need to make the top MINE, mostly because I do not have the stamp set she used, but also cuz I like to sleep at night, and I do not 100% CASE much.

I cut a Vanilla Top Note like Brenda did, but I was just never happy with what I did with it, including dry embossing. Just not happy. So I started to play with the green piece. What you see here is version # 4 or 5. I stamped the largest snowflake from Serene Snowflakes in Versamark and clear-embossed it, then went back and added some do-dads with the white gel pen. The fleur thingies on the right are from the center of one of the Hostess set punchy-size stamps; I just colored it with markers.

Eh - not loving it. IT NEEDED RIBBON! But the way the top attaches to the box, I could not wrap it in ribbon. What to do ... what to do...

Here is the box between the two Top Note die-cut pieces. See? No way to wrap that top piece with ribbon. Darn.

Here is the hinge opening. Very cool, but it prevents wrapping the whole box in ribbon. I know - I tried.

But you know me: I.must.have.ribbon. Pretty, huh? I think it adds just enough floof to make it look finished, from the side, anyway.

I had to cut the ribbon off at the back to allow the box to open. This actually works out quite well, since I use less ribbon this way, meaning I might even have enough to go around for all The Ladies. Always a good plan.

So if you have any suggestions to make that top look better, I have 48 hours to get a clue. Thank you in advance. And thanks for stopping by!


  1. you could make a contrasting layer, like on hers and wrap ribbon around that? maybe ;)

  2. do you have a tool/punch to make the top look "lacy"?

  3. AWEsome! Love the colour & I think it is perfectly gorgeous. Can't wait to see the next installment!

  4. Terrific! I just got that ribbon in my recent order :) A perfect use for it, Leslie.


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