Friday, December 18, 2009

Setting The Stage

I have had a ca-razy busy week, and have done NO stampin', so I have absolutely nothing to share with you. BUT, I am about to embark on a mini Road Trip, and I thought I'd post cryptic random thoughts and pics along the way.

Then I thought up a little naming convention, so I've decided to divulge the secret code now. That way, when they hit you from my Crackberry, or wherever, you will be able to de-code them.

Here is my plan for the post names:

DEC09 = December 2009 (DUH)
PA (or OH, or MI) = the state of the Union (not my mental state)
### = a mile marker if I am on the turnpike or other numbered interstate

Yeah, that ought to do it. So let's have a short pop quiz, shall we? If I send the following from my Crackberry, what does it mean?

DEC09 OH 239

Guesses? Anyone? You can cheat (like I'd know). Okay, it means I am in OH, and near mile marker 239 (which also means I have 239 more miles to go before I leave Ohio). I do NOT plan to bore you with simple progress reports. Oh, nonononono, each post that I send will be accompanied by a photo, probably of questionable quality, for your entertainment pleasure.

Okay, can you handle this little wacky idea of mine? Well, CAN you? GOOD! It will undoubtedly begin tomorrow morning when I wake up to see if we got any of the predicted 20" of snowfall. Yes, I plan to still go, though I might be delayed by the amount of time it will take me to dig out my car.

So thanks for hanging in there for me, and I'll see if I can find some interesting stuff to share along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Do not make plans to rob me or steal my kitty while I am gone (and you know who you are!). My cat sitter can take any one of you with one arm tied behind her back! I'm just sayin' ...

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  1. Safe travels, hon!! :) Can't wait to see what you post along the way.


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