Saturday, December 12, 2009

CASE Complete!

I did it! I found a card to CASE that I can actually DO first time out of the gate!

This uses one of my first must-have sets from the last catalog, and one of my least-used colors: Handsome Hunter. With or without the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig, this is an easy card to make! And it has RIBBON! Nuf said.

THIS, however, is my new lot in life. If I want to sit and surf with the laptop, it is apparently an open invitation for Koshka to get into my lap and vegetate. As soon as she ... oh, here she comes again ...

Instead of sleeping in her sun beam, she prefers my lap. She is getting much squishier in her advancing years, and I have learned to type without moving my arms too much so I don't disturb her. If I wiggle too much, or reach for something, she gets annoyed and gets down. Yeah, I know, who owns who?

So my card was CASEd from this one.

Except for my choice of sentiment, it is pretty much exact. I like her dots better, though. I'll need to remember to recommend that to The Ladies tomorrow.

After I took that photo, I decided it looked not quite finished, so I quickly added the knot on the left side of the strip of ribbon to balance out the sentiment:

I like this one a lot better!

Now I need to shower, cut card stock and collate into kits, set up the tables and stations, and CLEAN! I should resurface some time on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Leslie,

    Ooo, I like this! Pretty card!

    Lisa A.

  2. Oh! This IS a very pretty card. Ya know red is my all time fave color, so I am biased. It's red, simple, elegant => totally *ME*. Love it :)


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