Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rainy Day Blathers

Happy December, everyone! Holy Cow, can you believe it?! DECEMBER!

I survived my first Cyber Monday with okay sales, and got everything to the PO tonight, including all of my freebies. Yay! Done.

Now I am getting mentally prepared for my last show of the season, which is this Saturday. The only thing left for me to do is finish packaging the last few cards I've made, and also go to my storage unit and retrieve my walls. I was not going to use them this time, but I am loaning one of them to a fellow vendor, and I thought I might as well bring two of them and use one myself! I never, ever, ever set up my spot the same way two shows in a row, so it adds a certain element of excitement (or panic, depending on how you look at it) to every set-up experience. I live for these opportunities!

So last night, after I got all my stuff packaged and ready to mail out today, I got an idea for a quick but elegant Thank You note. Check it out:

It was already in the box before I thought to take a picture of it. That stamp is from the SU Thank You Kindly set. I used the retired Pomegranate ink on retired Vanilla Raised Edge Note Cards, of which I have a ton since I hoarded them. That's retired Pomegranante ribbon, too. It's all in a clear box that I adorned with a snowflake rub-on. The gold elastic cord is also SU. Okay, everything but the clear box is SU.

I was going to fancy up the front of the card with some flourishes on either side of the Thank You, but once I stamped it, I decided I liked it plain. I think this design has much potential. Not for this weekend's show, because that means I'd need to be stamping RIGHT THIS MINUTE, which I am obviously not, but maybe for my etsy store, and definitely for next year's markets!

In other news, it is still raining. I think because of the rain, Mr Brown got very confused and mis-delivered some packages. The one I got was for 'Scott' at a different address (no Scott here...). I set it aside, intending to deliver it tomorrow after work. Lucky(ily) for me I have great neighbors! First my upstairs neighbor braved the downpour and brought me a box that was delivered to them. Next, another knock at the door and it was a guy with TWO boxes for me, mis-delivered to him. I took a chance and asked him if he was Scott. Yep, so I handed him HIS box. Done!

So what is IN all these boxes? Well, first I got a ton of paper on sale at A Muse. Yay! I love that they now sell 8.5x11 sheets of card stock to match their 4-bar note card packs. Second I did a last-minute I NEED IT NOW order with SU and got a Christmas set and some chunky glitter. And, well, a few other things, to, you know: justify the shipping. AND, I got my PTI order. I wanted to use their dark blue ink last week, but all I had was the refill, no ink. So I ordered it! And some card stock, and patterned paper, and ribbon. You know, to justify the shipping.

That is A LOTTA new stuff! Oh, I also pre-ordered my SU stuff from the upcoming Occasions and Sale-A-Bration catalogs, and THAT should be here tomorrow. Schweet!

So lessee, what else is going on. OH! I am looking for rental space to hold a Craft Supplies Yard Sale early next year. So far I have a line on two different places in Gaithersburg. I'm thinking Feb/Mar/Apr 2010. So if you know anyone in the area who might want to rent a table and sell their stuff, please pass it along. Also, if you have any DOs or DON'Ts to pass along to me, please do it now!!! AND, if you are local to me and your neighborhood has a community room that can be rented, please let me know THAT! I need options! I think this will be tougher than I expect to make happen. Um-hm. Yeah.

Okay, I have run out of brain dump, and it is time for bed. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pure CLASS! LOVE the pomegranate & cream. "brain dump" heehee. hugs, mel

  2. reading this blog and a couple other art related blogs is a pleasure I allow myself as other things get done or if I can't get the baby to stop crying :-)

    I love the pics you post and it makes me crave to get back to creating art whether by paper, pastels or oils. Thanks for the inspirations ;)

  3. Beautiful card Leslie!! (hard not to call you Pirate LOL)
    I had a garage sale at our local church where my neighbour goes. We donated soem of the funds to could also donate to the church perhaps.?
    We plan to do it agin in the Spring..and have various artistic trying to get the word out..lets face it..we all have stuff to get rid of LOL


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