Monday, May 31, 2010

Stampy Monday - Installment #3 (and last)

For my last trick of the long weekend, it was time for a little irreverence. I like this woman, as I can make her say anything I want. When I was rummaging through my irreverent sentiments collection, I found this one, and, well, THIS happened:

The sentiment comes that way - it is not schmeared! It looks kind of Halloween-y to me, but it still gets the point across. (Oh, look. I stuck on the sentiment crooked.)

The patterned papers were in my Scraplet Heap, left over from a trimming effort for a Stamp Camp past, so I used them. I had enough pairs of pieces for 4 cards (two pieces per card). These are a perfect example of SU's wonderful matchy-matchy. If I'd been smart, which apparently I am not, I would have layered a piece of white between the DSP and the card base to have it pop out more instead of blending into the card base. Oh, well.

Here's the other three patterns:

One of the things I hate intensely dislike about close-up shots is how they show ALL the detail that I would mostly prefer you not see. But since I am here, in part, to be an example for others (mostly of what not to do), I felt I needed to leave these close-ups for all the world to see. My work here is done.

In other news, I finally finished listening to a book on CD I started a while ago. I only have a working CD player in one of my two cars, so when I drove that car (which was not often, or for very long), I got to hear bits of the story. In an attempt to finish the durn thang, I brought it inside this weekend to listen while I crafted. It worked fine! Until I got to the last CD. You know, where all the mysteries and loose ends of the previous 15 CDs are all tied up nicely together? Yeah, that CD. Well, IT SKIPPED! IT WAS UNINTELLIGIBLE! I COULD NOT HEAR HALF OF IT! Grrrrrr. I got enough to figure it out, but COME.ON.PEOPLE!

So, I think I'll veg a while, finish some laundry, maybe wash a window or two... I hope you had a nice Memorial Day. Remember to thank a soldier.

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  1. love this. i have one of your cards with this image and it never fails to make me smile..its on my cubicle wall at work. Trust me, I need something cheerful to gaze at work.

  2. Great sets of cards and using your stash. What a bummer about the book on cd. I've had some skip in places, but I usually check out the book as well. I read the book at night and listen to the cds in my craft room.


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